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  • Video Processor
  • XiaoHui Cloud
  • LCD Android Controller
  • Solution
Loading Capacity 10.4 Million Pixels
Widest 16000 pixels
Supports multiple signal source input
Support 4K signal input
The four screens are displayed arbitrarily
4 screen arbitrary layout, support picture in picture/picture out of picture
Mobile phone wireless control
Signal switching, screen setting, brightness setting, volume adjustment, one-click black screen
Wireless projection screen
Support mobile/tablet wireless screen teaching, conference sharing, games and entertainment application scenarios
USB playback
Support optional USB communication interface, automatically play the video/picture on the U disk loop
4G remote unlock
Support optional 4G remote unlock function, no need to unlock onsite
Audio playback
Audio TRS 3.5mm/HDMI audio input TRS 3.5mm audio output
Real-time chassis temperature monitoring
Built-in temperature sensor, real-time display of the internal temperature of the device
Model HD-VP1240 HD-VP1240A HD-VP1640 HD-VP1640A
Loading capacity 7.8 million pixels 7.8 million pixels  10.4 million pixels 10.4 million pixels
Maximum width 16,000 pixels 16,000 pixels 16,000 pixels 16,000 pixels
Output 12 12 16 16
Signal input HDMI*2, DP*2, DVI*1, EXT*1 HDMI*3, DP*1/Type-C*1, DVI*2
Support optional SDI, USB
HDMI*2, DP*2, DVI*1, EXT*1 HDMI*3, DP*1/Type-C*1, DVI*2
Support optional SDI, USB
Layers 4 4 4 4
USB Optional Optional

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