• LED Control System
  • Video Processor
  • XiaoHui Cloud
  • LCD Android Controller
  • Solution
Decentralized, more stable
No need to manage the server, a single point of work, not afraid of any equipment damage and affect the operation of the entire system
Flexible deployment, unlimited capacity expansion
Based on network independent work, the system size is not limited, no need to replace the hardware, just add nodes on the switch
Man-machine separation KVM work together
Unified host management ensures data security and signal sharing and distribution, breaks geographical restrictions, and improves work efficiency
Wireless control, visual management
Support tablet wireless control, signal real-time pre-monitoring
Ultra-low latency
Ultra-low latency Support 4K HD image quality, ultra-low latency, good real-time, perfect restore image quality
Support splicing display
Support multi-screen arbitrary layout, support multi-scene presets, support screen roaming
Multiple power supply modes
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