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LCD Shaped Splicing Solution
Grayscale LCD shaped splicing solution breaks through the traditional LCD splicing mode, it can be free, multi-angle splicing into a variety of irregular shapes, not only to create greater value of space utilization, but also to bring a new visual effect to meet the personalized, creative display needs. The controllability of the splicing structure makes it able to meet the application requirements of various occasions and has more practicality. At present, Grayscale Technology LCD shaped splicing solution has been widely used in exhibitions, corporate halls, art exhibitions, performing arts shows, street windows and other display scenes.
Grayscale Technology LCD shaped splicing solution with LCD Player software as the core, with LCD intelligent business display motherboard, to achieve the intelligent configuration of the LCD display and flexible creativity, Grayscale Technology LCD shaped splicing solution maximum splicing number to support 400 display devices.
1.Ultra-high precision splicing
Intelligent interception and synchronized playback technology with millisecond delay.
2.More flexible splicing
Support the free combination of different display specifications; support for vertical splicing, horizontal splicing and hybrid splicing and other various quantities and layouts, visualization control, 360 ° free rotation, to achieve diverse display effects, like building blocks as simple and efficient.
3. One-click installation, free to use
LCD Player supports one-click installation, no need for complex system settings, free to use.
4. Point-to-point display
Point-to-point display relative to the traditional hardware splicer, the display effect is clearer, the image is not stretched, not deformed. Ordinary screen image stretching, pixel enlargement point-to-point, no stretching, no deformation.
5. Cost advantage is obvious, maintenance is more convenient
Soft splicing reduces the dependence on specialized hardware, update and troubleshooting is relatively simple, easy to maintain and upgrade later, the overall cost is greatly reduced.
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