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True 4K point-to-point, restoring the true color of the visual world
4K@60Hz delivers smoother dynamic image quality, avoiding problems such as tearing and jittery images
Outstanding Pixel loading range
16 network ports output.8.84 million pixels
Emergency situations can be resolved at the touch of a button.
Support one-key black screen, one-key screen freeze, easy to deal with all kinds of emergencies
Seamless splicing for a perfect display
Supports seamless splicing of multiple devices, perfect presentation of high-definition images
Two signal input methods for more freedom of choice
Support HDMI, DP two choose one input, convenient notebook and other types of expansion equipment access
Rich interface types
Support Wi-Fi, USB-B debugging, RS232, IR control
interface diagram

HD-T16 HD-T08
Loading capacity
8.84 million pixels
5.2 million pixels
Max. width
8192 pixels
8192 pixels
Signal input
1×HDMI, 1×DP
1×HDMI, 1×DP
Audio input
1×TRS 3.5 mm audio input
1×TRS 3.5mm audio input
Gigabit Ethernet output
16 8
Multi-functional card
Control mode
RS232, USB-B 
RS232, USB-B

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