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Distributed Control Solutions
Modern emergency command centers, exhibition halls, conference rooms and other occasions need to make full use of information technology in order to quickly respond to different needs, while the traditional program in the unified scheduling and resource sharing there are backward communication technology, poor coordination capabilities, emergency command and scheduling functions are simple, unable to meet the needs of the current stage. In order to solve such problems, distributed control program came into being.
In the command center, exhibition halls, large conference centers, the need to unify the placement of equipment, communication through distributed devices and networks, to achieve human-computer separation, support for multi-signal input switching and multi-terminal simultaneous invocation of resources, this layout is easy to manage and at the same time to ensure the safety of the data, the KVM seating function can also realize the collaborative office, improve work efficiency.
1.Adopting FPGA architecture, no server is needed, completely decentralized, the system is not affected by the failure of a single node, more stable;
2.Separation of people and machines, signal sharing and distribution, KVM seat multi-screen co-working, breaking geographical restrictions and improving work efficiency;
3.Flexible deployment, unlimited expansion, only need to add distributed devices on the switch;
4.Support splicing display, multi-screen arbitrary layout, support multi-scene presets, screen roaming;
5.Support 4K high-definition picture quality, ultra-low latency, good real-time, perfect restoration of image quality;
6.Multi-platform visualization management, support signal real-time pre-monitoring;
7.Support switch POE power supply and adapter dual power supply.
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