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4K Super Controller
Available for large resolution LED displays
16 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Outputs
Ultra Pixels Loading
Async mode maximum loading capacity 3840*2160 pixels,
Sync mode maximum loading capacity 10.4 million pixels
Equpped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP Wireless Control
Supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands, Support AP mode & Station mode

Simple operation
Support Shake, Remote control, Time, Switch screen, Device lock,
Screen set, System upgrade and so on
Support Wireless Screen Casting
Support mobile phone and tablet wireless screen casting
Support Vioce Control
Hello Xiaohui, playback the next program
Multi-area Image Display
Support synchronous mode, asynchronous mode, mixed mode arbitrary playback, multi-region arbitrary overlay
Internet Remote Management
Support 4G/5G connect to cloud platfrom, free to use
  • A8
  • A7
Loading Capacity Async: 3840*2160 pixels,Sync: 10.4 million pixels Async: 3840*1344 pixels, Sync: 5.2 million pixels
Maximun width and high Widest: 15360, Highest: 2160 Widest: 15360, Highest: 2160
Display mode Synchronous and Asynchronous Synchronous and Asynchronous
Signal input HDMI*5, DP*1 HDMI*5, DP*1
Memory 16GB 16GB
Vioce control
4G/5G Support optional Support optional
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz+5GHz 2.4GHz+5GHz
Wi-Fi screen cast
Decoding 4K 4K

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