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This product is small in size and light in weight. It is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials and has a long service life. It uses a high-sensitivity probe with stable signal and high accuracy. The key components adopt imported components, which are stable and reliable, and have the characteristics of wide measurement range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, convenient use, easy installation, and long transmission distance.

  • It adopts an integrated design with multiple collection devices and is easy to install.
  • Wind speed and direction are measured by ultrasonic principle, no start-up wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, no angle limit, 360° omni-directional, wind speed and wind direction data can be obtained at the same time.
  • Noise collection, accurate measurement, the range is as high as 30dB~120dB.PM2.5 and PM10
  • Simultaneous acquisition, range: 0-1000ug/m3, resolution 1ug/m3, unique dual-frequency data acquisition and automatic calibration technology, consistency can reach ±10%.
  • Measuring the environmental temperature and humidity, the measuring unit is imported from Switzerland, and the measurement is accurate.
  • Wide range 0-120Kpa air pressure range, applicable to various altitudes.
  • Use dedicated 485 circuit, stable communication.
  • Equipment with built-in electronic compass, no direction requirements during installation, horizontal installation.


 Equipment Size:


 Installation Method:

The installation of equipment without electronic compass is shown in the figure below, and the equipment with built-in electronic compass only needs to be installed horizontally.

Hugging seat installation:

Beam installation:


 Interface Description:

DC power supply 10-30V power supply. When wiring the 485 signal line, pay attention to the two wires A/B not to be reversed, and the addresses of multiple devices on the bus cannot be conflicted.


  Line color Illustrate
Power supply Brown Power is positive(10-30V DC)
  Black Power is negative
Communication Green 485-A
  Blue 485-B

Model HD-S70 HD-S90
DC power supply(default) 10-30VDC 10-30VDC
Maximum power consumption RS485 output 0.8W RS485 output 1.2W
Precision Temperature ±3%RH(60%RH,25℃) Wind speed ±(0.2m/s±0.02*v)(v is the true wind speed)
Humidity ±0.5℃(25℃) Wind direction ±3°
Light intensity ±7%(25℃) Humidity ±3%RH(60%RH,25℃)
Atmospheric pressure ±0.15Kpa@25℃ 75Kpa Temperature ±0.5℃(25℃)
Noise ±3db Atmospheric ±0.15Kpa@25℃ 75Kpa
PM10 PM2.5 ±10%(25℃)  
Range Humidity 0%RH~99%RH Wind speed 0~60m/s
Temperature -40℃~+120℃ Wind direction 0~359°
Light intensity 0~20万Lux Humidity 0%RH~99%RH
Atmospheric pressure 0-120Kpa Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Noise 30dB~120dB Atmospheric pressure 0-120Kpa
PM10 PM2.5 0-1000ug/m3 Noise 30dB~120dB
  PM10 PM2.5 0-1000ug/m3
  CO2 0-5000ppm
  Light intensity 0~20万Lux
Long-term stability Temperature ≤0.1℃/y Temperature ≤0.1℃/y
Humidity ≤1%/y Humidity ≤1%/y
Light intensity ≤5%/y Atmospheric pressure -0.1Kpa/y
Atmospheric pressure -0.1Kpa/y Noise ≤3db/y
Noise ≤3db/y PM10 PM2.5 ≤1%/y
PM10 PM2.5 ≤1%/y CO2 ≤1%/y
  Light intensity ≤5%/y
Response time Humidity& Temperature ≤1s Wind speed 1S
Light intensity ≤0.1s Wind direction 1S
Atmospheri ≤1s Temp & Hum ≤1s
c pressure   Atmospheric pressure ≤1s
Noise ≤1s Noise ≤1s
PM10 PM2.5 ≤90S PM10 PM2.5 ≤90S
  CO2 ≤90S
  Light intensity ≤0.1s
Output signal RS485 output RS485(Standard Modbus communication protocol) RS485 output RS485 (standard Modbus communication protocol)

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