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Multi LCD screen splicing playback by Huidu Technology Cloud Platform, it use Android motherboard HD-M21 control system.

LED display control system solution manufacturers | The way to remotely update program to the LED display | Huidu


  1. 1. Support 4G, Wi-Fi, and LAN access to the Internet for fast management anytime, anywhere,

  2. 2. Remote cluster control, Internet operation, no need to install software, simple and convenient,

  3. 3. Repetition of breakpoints, automatic resend the program, wonderful not to miss,

  4. 4. Real-time online monitoring of equipment, multi-level authority management, release after program review, safe and secure.

Wireless Control Solution APP operation animation

Compared with the traditional control mode, the Wireless Control solution can manage the LED / LCD display without wiring required, which is easy to operate and cost saving. It is widely used in LED banner screen, shopping mall Ad digital signage, window advertising screen and other occasions.

Internet Cloud Control Solution

Huidu Technology Cloud Platform is a professional Internet remote cluster management platform that supports both LED and LCD display which can be managed by user anytime and anywhere. The platform adopts the B/S architecture, and users only need to log in on the browser to operate, and they can also operate on the mobile APP, which is simple and convenient.

Huidu Wireless Control System-Solution Explanation

Compared with the traditional control mode, the Wireless Control solution can manage the LED / LCD display without wiring required, which is easy to operate and cost saving. It is widely used in LED banner screen, shopping mall Ad digital signage, window advertising screen and other occasions.

Do You Know How to Debug the LED Transparent Screen?-Huidu technology ,led screen controller

LED transparent screen is a new type of transparent display product created by the principle of human vision. Compared with traditional LED display, it has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, permeability, low power consumption, lightweight and convenient installation. It is widely used in glass curtain wall display and other occasions. In this video, we will teach you how to debug LED transparent display.

First, prepare an LED transparent screen module with a resolution of 256*64 pixels, an R5S receiving card and a new A3 asynchronous LED controller, as well as a network cable and a computer.

After we have installed all the devices we need to connect, we can start debugging.

Open HDSet software and debug with "new process"

Detecting the receiving card first to confirm whether the receiving card is connected normally

Then switch to the "Receive card parameters" interface for smart settings, click the "Smart Settings" button, set the box information loaded by the receiving card, check "Vertical Scan", select the chip model of the module, and change "Parallel" to "Serial".

Set the color channel according to the state of the mod

Set the row and column controlled by a group of RGB data 

Determine the scan method of module

Set the scanning mode of the module according to the display of the display screen. After mastering the rules of the module's tracing points, you can use the "Smart point" to quickly set.

The transparent display module adopts a two-open connection method, so we need to change the output mode to two-open output in "Advanced Settings".

Click the "Data Group Exchange" button, and then use the "Smart Exchange" function to set the data group exchange.

After modifying the basic parameters of the receiving card, click the "Send" button in the lower right corner, and then click the "Curing" button.

Switch to the "Connection Settings" interface, set the loading of the receiving card and the connection relationship between the receiving cards, and then click the "Send & curing" button. At this time, the debugging of the transparent screen is basically completed.

Next, just edit the program and send it to the A3 player box.

The debugging of the LED transparent screen is similar to the debugging of the conventional LED screen. Mastering it can do more with less.

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After watching this video, give it a try~ As long as you learn to debug the transparent screen, the regular screen is very easy for you

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Best quality How to use Windows software for Huidu Technology LCD Digital signage Android controller

LCDPlayer is a software from Huidu Technology ( it is a windows system software for Android controller including 40S/40M/M21/M30/972S. It works in LAN. All Huidu Technology Andriod controllers supports IR control, Wi-Fi, RJ45 and other rich interfaces, making the product more versatile, and is widely used in advertising machines, interactive all-in-one machines, security, medical, transportation, finance, industrial control and other intelligent control fields, which can accelerate Product development cycle. Due to its hardware platform and Android intelligent features, it can be used on the smart terminal motherboard when human-computer interaction or network device interaction is required, which can be your best choice All products have stable quality and simple operation. Each product has undergone strict inspection before leaving the factory.

Factory of led screen controller Huidu Technology show you the new functions of HDShow player

This video will demonstrate the following new features of HDShow:

  1. 1."z" type setting of long screen

  2. 2.split-screen display

  3. 3.dazzle color

  4. 4.drag the pictures and video files on the computer to the canvas for display

  5. PPT/EXCEL/PDF and WORD files

  6. 6.the frame rate setting

  7. 7.inversion color

  8. HDShow is a professional and free multimedia player software, suitable for real-time playing computer pictures.

Professional led controller how to use solve some common problems of LED Screen contorller A6 Huidu Technology Factory

HD-A6 is the second generation Dual-mode LED display player, supports asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, U-disk socket and video auto-scaling functions, with the maximum load capacity 2.3 million pixels. Come with Wi-Fi module, support mobile APP management. Equipped with 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk. Support optional 4G module, remote cluster control.

  • If you have the following problems, you can solve them by watching dual-mode display player A6 video,This video explains the detailed solutions to these problems.

  • indicator if off or always on

  • 2.forget the WiFi password

  • 3.can not find the device

  • 4.the device is occupied or the device fails to connect when sending the problem

  • 5.the screen dispalys nothing or bluning when insert the HDMI signal.

LED display control system solution manufacturers | RF Module Realizes Multi-Screen Synchronization | Huidu Supplier
  1. 1. No need for the Internet
    2. Easy to operation

  2. 3. Indoor and through-wall support

LED display control system solution manufacturers | Video Tutorial for how to configure P3.07/P4.81 LED module | Huidu

Deal friends This video will guide you how to configure  LED module unconventional resolution like 104*52(p3.07), 52*52(P4.81) etc.    The pixel width of these modules is usually not a multiple of 16, because a column driver chip has 16 output pins, and each output pin controls a column of LED lights. If the width of the module is not a multiple of 16, then these pins need to be vacated, that is, the number of empty points in each scan of the module. Then multiply by the number of scans required by the module to scan all lines, and we can get The total number of empty points that the module needs to set. In the video, we will use the 13S outdoor LED module P3.07 to demonstrate the empty point operation. This operation is also applicable to other LED modules that need to be intelligently set for the empty point. Module size:320*160mm resolution:104*52dots controller: C36C Factory: QiangLi software: HDPlayer and HDSet

LED display control system solution manufacturers | How to configure P2 Indoor LED module | Huidu Supplier

Dear friends This video will guide you how to configure P2 Indoor  LED module Module size:320*160 mm resolution:160*80 dots Driver chip: LS9929N Decoding chip: LS9739S Manufacturer: HOOZOE controller: C36C software: HDPlayer and HDSet As we know, more and more LED module factories are producing modules using LS99XX (LS9930/LS9935S/LS9935BS/LS9926 etc.) series driver chips. Most of the LS99XX series driver chips are PWM chips. 


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