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Smart LED Pole Screen Control Solution
In recent years, the construction of smart cities has continued to move forward, and the demand for smart light pole screens has increased. Due to the characteristics of eye-catching display effect, wide audience, high arrival rate, and remote easy management, LED pole display greatly improves the role of advertising and plays an increasingly important role in smart light pole projects. Multi-user welcome. The LED pole screen has the characteristics of small screen, large number and wide distribution, so how to manage the LED pole display screen simply and conveniently? Huidu Technology provides a complete control scheme for the LED pole screen.
Internet Cloud Solution
LED display screen has high brightness, good display effect, variable shape, strong environmental adaptability, flexible installation, etc. It is more and more used in street light poles, on-board advertising, bus stop information release, highway information boards, community publicity, etc. In order to perfectly the role of publicity and display, many actual projects in the LED screen is deployed in batches, multi-location. This brings a huge challenge to the operation and maintenance management of LED display, there is an urgent need for a set of Internet cloud platform for remote cluster management.
Wi-Fi control scheme
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