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High speed toll station screen case, multi screen synchronous display, mobile phone control screen
High speed toll station screen, using Huidu technology LED display control system scheme, can use xiaohui cloud one button cluster release, multi screen synchronous display, hierarchical management of main account+sub account, mobile phone control screen, supporting one-to-one changesEach screen adopts one HD-C36C+4G eSIM+three HD-R512T receiving cards.HD-C16C Full Color Asynchronous Controller System is a LED control system that supports mobile APP control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video.Features:1.  The maximum loading capacity: 204,800 pixels2.  The maximum width support 8192 pixels.3.  Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.4.  With a relay to control the power supply remotely.5.  Support optional 4G connection, Internet remote control.6.  10 lines HUB75E ports onboard, can be used for one receiving card.
Cases of Huidu technology LED screen controller, various special-shaped screens of KTV project
Various special-shaped screens, sound light shadow linkage synchronization, immersive The project adopts three HD-VP1620 dual image all-in-one machines+two HD-VP1240 four image all-in-one machines+two HD-VP620+one HD-VP410+two HD-VP210 all-in-one machines, together with 539 HD-R512T receiving cards and one HD-VP8000M splicing processor.
All the cases in the video are LED screen controller using Huidu technology. Guess which case is the most popular?
Recently, Huidu Technology held a prize winning case collection activity. There are more than 20 cases in the video, all of which are LED and LCD display control schemes using Huidu Technology.Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in researching LED display and application technology, and a professional manufacturer of LED control system as well.
China Wholesale manufacturer of LCD Digital signage Android controller-Huidu Technology
In this video we will introduce full series of Huidu Technology Android controllers.All Huidu Technology #Andriod controllers supports IR control, Wi-Fi, RJ45 and other rich interfaces, making the product more versatile, and is widely used in advertising machines, interactive all-in-one machines, security, medical, transportation,finance, industrial control and other intelligent control fields, which can accelerate Product development cycle.Due to its hardware platform and Android intelligent features, it can be used on the smart terminal motherboard when human-computer interaction or network device interaction is required, which can be your best choice

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