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All the way forward | Huidu Technology 2022 Mumbai New Product Training Conference was successfully held
In order to further empower Huidu Technology's partners, and help Huidu Technology's new products to expand the market. On May 25, 2022, the "2022 Huidu Technology New Product Training Conference" was successfully held in Mumbai, India. Nearly 60 important partners participated in the conference.
LED display case: choose Huidu technology LED display controller
LED display case: choose Huidu technology LED display controller. The first case uses HD-VP630+HD-R512T, the second case uses HD-VP820+HD-R512T, and the third case uses HD-VP1620+HD-R512T. Receiving Card R512T,Work with full color A series/C series/T series/VP series control system from huidu technology. Features: 1.Support for most driver chips 2.Support static to 1/64 scan module 3.Recommended control range: 65,536 pixels,indoor≤128,outdoor≤256  4.Support multiple receiving cards connection and set sequence randomly
Manufacturers of 4K LCD Android motherboard HD-972S | LED display control system solution | Huidu Supplier
4K LCD Android motherboard HD-972S,which supports a variety of communication methods,it comes standard with wifi and supports mobile app peer-to-peer,wireless distribution of programs,can be applied to self service vending machines,comercial display advertising machines,self service cash registers,intelligent number picking machines,intelligent conference,channel box machines,smart elevater screens,fight sign boss and so on.

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