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Do you know which LED control cards and led video processor are used in this project ,factory-Huidu technology
Multiple sets of modeling screens, point-to-point display, LED display screen of a building, 1 HD-VP8000 splicing processor+4 T902X2 synchronous sending cards+285 HD-R512T receiving cards are usedSynchronous Sending Box HD-T902x2HD-T902x2 is a synchronous sending box with one DVI signal input, 8 Gigabit network, the maximum load capacity is 5.2 million pixels, widest 7680 pixels, highest 4096 pixels, support multiple device splicing control LED screen .1. Support 2 dual channel stereo input;2.  Four DVI video signal input;3.  USB-B control interface;4.  Cascading multiple units control super LED screen;5.  Built-in 110V~220V AC to 5V DC transformer;6.  4 network port output, maximum load capacity 5.2 million pixels.HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R512THD-R512T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 12 lines HUB75E port.1.Integrated with 12 lines HUB75E port2.Support regular chips and PWM chips3.Support static module, any scan mode within 2~64 scan4.Support data group exchange and data group offset setting5.Smart settings, draw points, trace points, etc.6.Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order7.Recommended loading range: 256*512/ 128*768
The Application of Huidu Technology LED Screen Controller in High speed Toll Station Screen
There are 11 LED displays in the high-speed toll station of Xi'an International Port Area, China. The LED display control system used is as follows:One LED screen uses one HD-C36C, 4G eSIM and three HD-R512T receiving cards.About Small & Medium LED Screen Control Card HD-C16C and HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R512T.HD-C36C:HD-C16C Full Color Asynchronous Controller System is a LED control system that supports mobile APP control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video.Features:1.  The maximum loading capacity: 204,800 pixels2.  The maximum width support 8192 pixels.3.  Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.4.  With a relay to control the power supply remotely.5.  Support optional 4G connection, Internet remote control.6.  10 lines HUB75E ports onboard, can be used for one receiving card.HD-R512T:HD-R512T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 12 lines HUB75E port.Features:Integrated with 12 lines HUB75E portSupport regular chips and PWM chipsSupport static module, any scan mode within 2~64 scanSupport data group exchange and data group offset settingSmart settings, draw points, trace points, etc.Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary orderRecommended loading range: 256*512/ 128*768
Professional Immersive five-sided display | LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu Supplier
Immersive five-sided display, integrated solution of Huidu Technology  LED display control system, Using HD-VP8000M equipment, its features are: full hardware FPGA architecture, excellent image processing capability; compatible with a variety of input signal formats, compatible with IP decoding cards; support for real-time preview of all input signals; multi-screen arbitrary splicing display; single Channel output can load up to 2.3 million pixels, up to 2560, up to 1920; computer tablet visual operation; modular design, a variety of specifications to choose from.
Do You Know How to Debug the LED Transparent Screen?-Huidu technology ,led screen controller
LED transparent screen is a new type of transparent display product created by the principle of human vision. Compared with traditional LED display, it has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, permeability, low power consumption, lightweight and convenient installation. It is widely used in glass curtain wall display and other occasions. In this video, we will teach you how to debug LED transparent display.First, prepare an LED transparent screen module with a resolution of 256*64 pixels, an R5S receiving card and a new A3 asynchronous LED controller, as well as a network cable and a computer.After we have installed all the devices we need to connect, we can start debugging.Open HDSet software and debug with "new process"Detecting the receiving card first to confirm whether the receiving card is connected normallyThen switch to the "Receive card parameters" interface for smart settings, click the "Smart Settings" button, set the box information loaded by the receiving card, check "Vertical Scan", select the chip model of the module, and change "Parallel" to "Serial".Set the color channel according to the state of the modSet the row and column controlled by a group of RGB data Determine the scan method of moduleSet the scanning mode of the module according to the display of the display screen. After mastering the rules of the module's tracing points, you can use the "Smart point" to quickly set.The transparent display module adopts a two-open connection method, so we need to change the output mode to two-open output in "Advanced Settings".Click the "Data Group Exchange" button, and then use the "Smart Exchange" function to set the data group exchange.After modifying the basic parameters of the receiving card, click the "Send" button in the lower right corner, and then click the "Curing" button.Switch to the "Connection Settings" interface, set the loading of the receiving card and the connection relationship between the receiving cards, and then click the "Send & curing" button. At this time, the debugging of the transparent screen is basically completed.Next, just edit the program and send it to the A3 player box.The debugging of the LED transparent screen is similar to the debugging of the conventional LED screen. Mastering it can do more with less.If our video is helpful to you, please forward it, thank you!After watching this video, give it a try~ As long as you learn to debug the transparent screen, the regular screen is very easy for youIf you like our video or Eden, please follow me and click like , your like is our update driving force
Factory of led screen controller Huidu Technology case:  video processor VP210C  for  led  video wall
A KTV case : using the three in one video processor HD-VP210C and more than 20 LED receiving cards HD-R512T and HD-R516THD-VP210C is an ultra-high cost performance Three-in-one LED Video Processor, which integrates the traditional LED video processor and 2-way gigabit network port output, not only simplifies the construction of the field environment, but also improves the reliability of the product. It supports 2-channel HDMI interface input and 1-channel USB interface input, and can be used for various scenes that need to be played synchronously, such as hotels, shopping malls, conference rooms, exhibitions, studios, etc; In addition, the device also supports point-to-point input / output, so that the LED display screen can display a clearer picture.HD-R512T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 12 lines HUB75E port.HD-R516T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 16 lines HUB75E port.
Professional LED display controller HD-VP1620 application case from Huidu technology manufacturers
HD-VP1620 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which integrated the function of one single-picture video processing and one sending card, load capacity is 10.4 million pixels, the widest is 16000 pixels, and the highest is 3840 pixels, multi-signal input, support 4K video signal input and double windows display.Features:1)Integrated video processing, sending card function, 16 gigabit network port output, total pixels 10.4 million points;2)5-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, up to 4K@60Hz input;3)Multiple audio input and output;4)Support dual pictures PIP、POP;5)Free switching of any channel;6)Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recall;7)"Navigation Settings" function, convenient for quick settings;8)The "connection setting" function no need computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;9)The device can be debugged and controlled through panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing).
LED display control system solution manufacturers | Show you a beautiful and creative special-shaped screen case | Huidu
A very beautiful and unique creative screen located on Shijiazhuang Wanli Temple Pedestrian Street, using Huidu technology LED display controller.HD-VP1240, HD-A6 and 88 HD-R512T receiving cards using Huidu Technology led display controller.
LED display control system solution manufacturers | The mapping function of HDSet | Huidu Supplier
The network cable connection of the LED display receiving card is so chaotic,  how is their connection sequence smooth,the video will explain the mapping function of HDset.

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