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The raw materials used in Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd. are carefully selected. They are required to be handled (cleaning, measuring, and cutting) in a professional way to achieve the required dimensions and quality for furniture manufacturing. .
We aim to provide the highest quality Huidu VP series.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
Huidu Technology's 2023 sales system skill improvement training concluded successfully
In order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the sales system and build a "winning" sales team, the 2023 Huidu technology sales system skills training camp was successfully held in Shiyan, Shenzhen, on January 10-12. This promotion training is mainly aimed at the systematic study, ideological collision and practical practice of the problems puzzled by the sales staff.
Professional LED  screen Controller manufacturer HD-A8 screen projection operation from Huidu technology
Operating Steps:Check the A8 light to make sure the A8 is in android playback mode,press the A8 knob to enter the setting interface-Wi-Fi settings,turn on the A8's Wi-Fi and select the AP mode,use your iphone to connect the Wi-Fi of A8,Default password:eight of eight,Enable screen mirroring on iPhone,select the SSID of A8(or A7)HD-A8 is a 4K synchronous and asynchronous player for Ultra-large resolution outdoor or indoor advertising, led wall, digital signage, and other commercial applications.Features:1.Ultra-large resolution loading capability, supports 4K asynchronously (is 8.29 million pixels), and synchronously supports 10.4 million pixels;2.Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi, support mobile APP wireless control;3.Supports wireless screen projection on mobile phones and tablets;4.Support intelligent voice control; Bluetooth wireless remote control;5.With 32GB storage, support U disk expansion and insertion;6.HDMI/DP high-definition video input synchronous playback;7.Support HD video hard decoding, up to 60fps;8.No need for complex network settings, automatic device identification, plug and play;9.Support LAN or Internet cluster management; support optional 5G network module;10.Equipped with Standard 3.5mm standard audio output interface.#ledwall #ledscreen #ledpanel #ledcontroller
How to realize multi-screen splicing playback? LCD android motherborad and Internet Remote Operating System from  Huidu
How to realize multi-screen splicing playback?Firstly,connect all screens to a router via network cableThen,click the mouse 3-4 times in the upper left corner of the screen to enter the system settings of magic player,click advanced options,date and time,set this device to the server device,exit system setings,in the same way,we set the other screen to client device setting for the third screen,after the previous settings,the time of 3 screens will be the same.Let's  continue,enter the system settings again,and bind the device to the cloud.System mode,change the server address to and change the and back,in the same way,we set the other screen to cloud,setting for the third screen;then log in to the cloud,the devices are online,create a soft splicing equipment,change the screen size,3 column and 1 line.Add devices,each device ID matches the device on the screen,then,create a LCD program,splicer program,save and release the program,check if the program is sent successfully.Finally,let's look at the display.
Best application in KTV Screen with Huidu VP Series | LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu Supplier
Huidu VP Series All-in-one Controllers have advantages as follows:1. Perfect combination of sending cards and video processor.2. Multiple network port output.3. Support U-disk display or 4K signal input.4. 1 to 2 video windows output.

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