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Professional Immersive five-sided display | LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu Supplier
Immersive five-sided display, integrated solution of Huidu Technology  LED display control system, Using HD-VP8000M equipment, its features are: full hardware FPGA architecture, excellent image processing capability; compatible with a variety of input signal formats, compatible with IP decoding cards; support for real-time preview of all input signals; multi-screen arbitrary splicing display; single Channel output can load up to 2.3 million pixels, up to 2560, up to 1920; computer tablet visual operation; modular design, a variety of specifications to choose from.
LCD multi-screen soft splicing and LCD multi-screen synchronization | LED display control system solution manufacturers
LCD control motherboard HD-40S/40M/M21/M21P/M30Suitable for LCD advertising machines, smart all-in-one machines, elevator advertising screens, etc.Chip:A40i/RK3288/RK3399No server is required, mobile phone wireless communicationFeatures:1.Server-free, mobile phone peer-to-peer wireless messaging2.Multi-screen synchronization and multi-screen soft splicing playback3.Support dual-screen display4.Support LVDS/HDMI/EDP/MIPI HD display5.Support Internet, LAN cluster management6.Suitable for third-party mainstream messaging
Professional LED display controller HD-VP1620 application case from Huidu technology manufacturers
HD-VP1620 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which integrated the function of one single-picture video processing and one sending card, load capacity is 10.4 million pixels, the widest is 16000 pixels, and the highest is 3840 pixels, multi-signal input, support 4K video signal input and double windows display.Features:1)Integrated video processing, sending card function, 16 gigabit network port output, total pixels 10.4 million points;2)5-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, up to 4K@60Hz input;3)Multiple audio input and output;4)Support dual pictures PIP、POP;5)Free switching of any channel;6)Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recall;7)"Navigation Settings" function, convenient for quick settings;8)The "connection setting" function no need computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;9)The device can be debugged and controlled through panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing).
Best LED display control system solution manufacturers | Ultra-Long Door Lintel Screen HD-C36C Case | Huidu Supplier
Huidu C36C is best for Ultra-long LED screen, it has advantage as follows:1. Ultra-long loading, the maximum width is 8192 pixels.2. Come with Wi-Fi function, support mobile wireless control.3. With 10 lines HUB75E HUB port.4. Both a sending and receiving card can be used.
Ultra-long strip screen application: using led screen controller from Huidu technology
Ultra-long strip screen application: using led screen controller from Huidu technology. The total number of points of the ultra-long strip screen is not very large, but the width is very long. Generally, the led screen control system of small and medium-sized screens cannot meet the width load requirements, and the cost of large-scale control systems is very high. How to solve the loading of the ultra-long strip screen at the lowest cost, which requires the use of an asynchronous discount control scheme. In the practical application of the strip screen, in order to maximize the function of the receiving card, the multi-open connection method is often used, which not only improves the display effect, but also reduces the equipment cost.A series of products discount notes:The canvas resolutions supported by the A series are as follows:(576, 4096), (640, 3728), (768, 3096), (864, 2736), (1056, 2176), (1280, 1864), (1472, 1564), (1760, 1344), (1920 , 1080), (1920, 1232), (2176, 1120), (2432, 992), (2688, 864), (2816, 816), (3072, 782), (3200, 720), (3712, 642 ), (3840, 600);As shown in the canvas resolution above, if the A-series products are discounted by 1024 dots, the display resolution width after the discount should be calculated as 1056; if the discount is 2560 dots, the display resolution width after the discount is 2688 Calculation.
China Wuxi Gonghuwan creative screen, very shocking and beautiful | LED display control system solution manufacturers
 A very shocking and beautiful LED display, this project is located in Gonghuwan Wetland Park in Wuxi, China.using the Huidu technology LED display controller, All-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP1620 and HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R512T.

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