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Do you still carry a computer to update contents of your LED display? |LED display control system solution manufacturers
Advantages of Huidu mobile APP LedArt:Support control LED display by mobile APP instead of PC software, it is enough to just carry a mobile phone.Support Huidu all full color and single color LED display wifi controllers including C16C, easy setting and operation.Support all brand mobile phones with Android system or IOS system, you can easily download and install the mobile APP LedArt via mobile APP market or store.
School ice hockey hall project:Huidu led controller: LED receiving card and dual-mode LED Display Player
School ice hockey hall project perfect presentation: Huidu technology control system: LED receiving card HD-R516T, intelligent image splicer HD-VP8000M, dual-mode LED Display Player HD-A5
Tutorial of mobile APP LedArt Operation —— Huidu LED display Controller
Firstly,we connect to the Wi-Fi of the controller in the phone setting,the default password is 88888888. After connecting to Wi-Fi,open LedArt,Click "Device',we will see the device online,then change to program,creat a new program,if the device is online. Automatically read back device information,you can rename the program and click ok. Enter the program editing interface,click "+",You can add videos,pictures,clock and text etc. Now we add a picture,click the "+"in the lower left coner we can add multiple pictures. Drag the picture area,we can modify the size and position of the area at will. Click on blan space to exit picture editing,Let us add a clock in the same way. Click on blank space to exit clock editing. Click the send icon in the upper right conrner to send this program,show "success". If want to send multiple programs, we can return to the program list and crate a new program,add a video,add text,return to program list,select all programs by deault click send.
Professional Immersive five-sided display | LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu Supplier
Immersive five-sided display, integrated solution of Huidu Technology  LED display control system, Using HD-VP8000M equipment, its features are: full hardware FPGA architecture, excellent image processing capability; compatible with a variety of input signal formats, compatible with IP decoding cards; support for real-time preview of all input signals; multi-screen arbitrary splicing display; single Channel output can load up to 2.3 million pixels, up to 2560, up to 1920; computer tablet visual operation; modular design, a variety of specifications to choose from.
How to set LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A6L wireless screen projection function?
Firstly,connect the Wi-Fi of HD-A6L on the iphone,the default password is 88888888Then open LedArt,Device information,more settings,projection setting,open all Turn on the screen projection function on the iphone,connect to HD-A6L. Successful.HD-A6L is an LED display multimedia player that supports playing videos, pictures, GIF animations, texts, WPS documents, tables, clocks, timing, and other programs. It integrates functions such as asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, and HDMI splicing playback, supporting multi-terminal control and release programs.Features:Input:Support 1 Gigabit communication network port for debugging parameters, faster program sending speed;Support 1 HDMI IN input interface, support automatic zooming of synchronous pictures, and support synchronous and asynchronous picture-in-picture functions;Support 1 channel HDMI LOOP IN input interface, support any resolution synchronous picture, support splicing and cascading;Support 1 channel USB2.0 (custom OTG/USB mode), 1 channel USB3.0 communication interface, which can be used for inserting programs and expanding capacity;Supports 2 channels sensor input interface, externally connected to various environmental monitoring sensors.Output:Standard 4 Gigabit output network ports, directly cascaded HD-R series receiving card control display;The maximum control range is 2.3 million pixels, the maximum horizontal (discounted) support is 16384 pixels, and the maximum vertical support is 4096 pixels;1 channel TRS 3.5mm standard two-channel audio output;1 channel HDMI signal output, which can be used for data source or screen monitoring of HDMI input interface.Functions:Standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, support mobile phone APP wireless control (support STA mode, in this mode, the device can connect to the nearby Wi-Fi network);Support HDMI splicing, used for LED advertising machine to realize multi-screen splicing playback;Support multi-channel video window playback (support up to 2-channel 4K or 6-channel 1080P or 10-channel 720P or 20-channel 360P);Support synchronous and asynchronous switching playback;Support 4G/5G (optional) access to Xiaohui Cloud platform to realize Internet remote cluster management;Support mobile phone, tablet and computer wireless projection.

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