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Practical requirements can be met by with such functions of . .
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Applied to LED Showcase Screen and Ultra Long LED display with C36C | LED display control system solution manufacturers
Running offline advertising video, image, text etc.,you can unifiy management of more LED Showcase Screen and Ultra Long LED display through Internet or LAN .Huidu C36C comes with Wi-Fi function, support Mobile APP management directly, don't need carry a heavy PC.
LED display control system solution | How to set the screen rotation for the LED display synchronization control system?
If the sender is synchronous control system how to realize the screen rotation,this video will demonstrate the operation of receiving card rotation.
Commercial display soft splicing LCD advertising machine| LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu
Commercial display soft splicing LCD advertising machine, using Huidu technology commercial display Android motherboard HD-40S and HD40M, multiple commercial display advertising machines, one-click to send into a film, Internet remote cluster control.
Professional Immersive five-sided display | LED display control system solution manufacturers | Huidu Supplier
Immersive five-sided display, integrated solution of Huidu Technology  LED display control system, Using HD-VP8000M equipment, its features are: full hardware FPGA architecture, excellent image processing capability; compatible with a variety of input signal formats, compatible with IP decoding cards; support for real-time preview of all input signals; multi-screen arbitrary splicing display; single Channel output can load up to 2.3 million pixels, up to 2560, up to 1920; computer tablet visual operation; modular design, a variety of specifications to choose from.

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