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How to realize multi-screen splicing playback? LCD android motherborad and Internet Remote Operating System from  Huidu
How to realize multi-screen splicing playback?Firstly,connect all screens to a router via network cableThen,click the mouse 3-4 times in the upper left corner of the screen to enter the system settings of magic player,click advanced options,date and time,set this device to the server device,exit system setings,in the same way,we set the other screen to client device setting for the third screen,after the previous settings,the time of 3 screens will be the same.Let's  continue,enter the system settings again,and bind the device to the cloud.System mode,change the server address to and change the and back,in the same way,we set the other screen to cloud,setting for the third screen;then log in to the cloud,the devices are online,create a soft splicing equipment,change the screen size,3 column and 1 line.Add devices,each device ID matches the device on the screen,then,create a LCD program,splicer program,save and release the program,check if the program is sent successfully.Finally,let's look at the display.
Best LED display control system solution manufacturers | P10 Single Color LED Sign Control Card HD-E62 | Huidu Supplier
HD-E62 is a single-dual color LED display controller from Huidu Technology, the loading capacity of E62 is 1024*64 pixels, it has 4 lines HUB12 port and 2 lines HUB08 port, that's mean it can work for 4 lines HUB12 port or 2 lines HUB08 port module high. It is uniquely designed with RJ45 Ethernet port and USB port, more efficient and stable, the operation is friendly and easy for end-user, just updating and sending program content by U-disk or LAN cable, very convenient, meanwhile, and it also supports clustering remote management on LAN or WAN network. In addition, E62 can display text, time, animation, 3D text, and other contents. and it also can support timing, counting, richer display effects of background and bound frame, and other functions to meet most application scenes.Moreover, it also can connect temperature, humidity sensor, brightness sensor, IR remote sensor, GPS module, pray module, and PM2.5/PM10 sensor and also can support button function.And it’s widely used in Single-dual color LED screens, such as LED door banner signboards, LED gas station price boards, community information displays, pharmacy LED cross signboards, and other LED occasions.

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