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High speed toll station screen case, multi screen synchronous display, mobile phone control screen
High speed toll station screen, using Huidu technology LED display control system scheme, can use xiaohui cloud one button cluster release, multi screen synchronous display, hierarchical management of main account+sub account, mobile phone control screen, supporting one-to-one changesEach screen adopts one HD-C36C+4G eSIM+three HD-R512T receiving cards.HD-C16C Full Color Asynchronous Controller System is a LED control system that supports mobile APP control, Web remote control and offline play HD Video.Features:1.  The maximum loading capacity: 204,800 pixels2.  The maximum width support 8192 pixels.3.  Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.4.  With a relay to control the power supply remotely.5.  Support optional 4G connection, Internet remote control.6.  10 lines HUB75E ports onboard, can be used for one receiving card.
Cases of Huidu technology LED screen controller, various special-shaped screens of KTV project
Various special-shaped screens, sound light shadow linkage synchronization, immersive The project adopts three HD-VP1620 dual image all-in-one machines+two HD-VP1240 four image all-in-one machines+two HD-VP620+one HD-VP410+two HD-VP210 all-in-one machines, together with 539 HD-R512T receiving cards and one HD-VP8000M splicing processor.
All the cases in the video are LED screen controller using Huidu technology. Guess which case is the most popular?
Recently, Huidu Technology held a prize winning case collection activity. There are more than 20 cases in the video, all of which are LED and LCD display control schemes using Huidu Technology.Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in researching LED display and application technology, and a professional manufacturer of LED control system as well.
Factory of led screen controller Huidu Technology show you the new functions of HDShow player
This video will demonstrate the following new features of HDShow:1."z" type setting of long screen2.split-screen display3.dazzle color4.drag the pictures and video files on the computer to the canvas for display5.support PPT/EXCEL/PDF and WORD files6.the frame rate setting7.inversion colorHDShow is a professional and free multimedia player software, suitable for real-time playing computer pictures.
Professional led controller how to use solve some common problems of LED Screen  contorller A6 Huidu Technology Factory
HD-A6 is the second generation Dual-mode LED display player, supports asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, U-disk socket and video auto-scaling functions, with the maximum load capacity 2.3 million pixels. Come with Wi-Fi module, support mobile APP management. Equipped with 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk. Support optional 4G module, remote cluster control.If you have the following problems, you can solve them by watching dual-mode display player A6 video,This video explains the detailed solutions to these problems.1.run indicator if off or always on2.forget the WiFi password3.can not find the device4.the device is occupied or the device fails to connect when sending the problem5.the screen dispalys nothing or bluning when insert the HDMI signal.
LED display control system solution manufacturers | How to Control Door Lintel LED Screen | HD-D16 | Huidu Supplier
HD-D16 is a smallest video control card for full color LED screen, the maximum load capacity is 65,536 pixels, the widest is 1024 pixels, the highest is 256 pixels, come with Wi-Fi module, mobile APP wireless management, it can support optional 4G module, Internet remote cluster control, it used extensively for lintel led screens, car screen and full color small size led screens.Standard Wi-Fi module, mobile App wireless management;1.Support 256~65536 grayscale;2.Support Video, Picture, Animation, Clock, Neon background;3.Support word art, animated background, neon light effect;4.U-disk unlimited expansion program, plug in broadcast;5.No need set IP, HD-D16 could be identified by controller ID automatically;6.Support 4G/Wi-Fi/ and network cluster management remote management;7.Support 720P video hardware decoding, 60HZ frame rate output.
China Factory LED Screen controller manufacturer for fine  pitch LED Video wall display-Supplier huidu technology
Application case of LED display controller on small-pitch LED display,These fine pitch LED screen displays can be used with LED controllers: 2-in-1 video processor HD-VP1640.HD-VP1640 is a four windows LED display controller, it have 16 lines Gigabit Ethernet ouput, the loading capacity is 10.4 million pixles, support 6 signal input and can swithing arbitrary, comes with Wi-Fi funciton, support mobile APP wireless control.Feature:1)Integrated video processor、sending card function, 16 gigabit network port output, total pixels 10.4 million points;2)6-channel high-definition digital video input, DP up to 4K@60Hz input;3)Multiple audio input and output;4)Support four live windows display , POP;5)Fast switching of any channel;6) Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recalling;7) The "Navigation Settings" function is convenient for quick settings;8) The "connection setting" function does not require computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;9) The device can be debugged and controlled through the panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing)
Professional LED video wall display control solution for this Adidas Shop-Huidu Technology
Adidas chain stores have completed the debugging of multiple screens, using Huidu Technology LED screen controller: HD-VP8000M 32 network port plug-in card splicing all-in-one machine. HD-VP8000M image splicing processor is a hybrid card-type intelligent image splicing processor, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens and realize the function of multi-window splicing. VP8000M can automatically detect and identify the board type, support DVI, HDMI, DP, CVBS, VGA, IP decoding cards and other splicing boards, plug and play, integrate a two-in-one splicing processor with synchronous sending card output, and support video splicing , control functions such as third-party devices; The device controlled methods include: RS232 control and LAN client software control, and supports serial port control of remote third-party devices. Using the client control software, you can set various ways of output screen splicing display, input signal OSD setting, scene saving, scene polling, etc. VP8000M can be widely used in urban security monitoring, intelligent traffic management, video conferencing, large conference centers, large commercial plazas, military command centers, governments, etc.
Best Quality Application of LED Display Control System in Enterprise Exhibition Hall Wholesale -  Huidu Technology
The enterprise exhibition hall project uses 10 video processors: 4 of them are HD--VP1640 and HD-VP620, Because 1640 introduces more to you,this time I will show you the product overview and product features of HD-VP620HD-VP620 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which integrated the function of one single-picture video processing and one sending card, load capacity is 3.9 million pixels, the widest is 8000 pixels, and the highest is 3840 pixels, multi-signal input, support 4K video signal input and double windows display. 
Professional LED display control system solution manufacturers | KTV Reception Desk LED Screen Case | Huidu Supplier
HD-VP1220 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which integrated the function of one single-picture video processing and one sending card, load capacity is 7.8 million pixels, the widest is 16000 pixels, and the highest is 3840 pixels, multi-signal input, support 4K video signal input and double windows display.Features:1."Navigation Settings" function, convenient for quick settings;2.The "connection setting" function no need computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;3.The device can be debugged and controlled through panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing).1.Integrated video processing, sending card function, 12 gigabit network port output, total pixels 7.8 million points;4.Multiple audio input and output;5.Support dual pictures PIP、POP;6.Free switching of any channel;7.Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recall;8.5-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, up to 4K@60Hz input;
Best Quality LED display control system solution manufacturers | LED screen Controller HD-VP1220 | Huidu Supplier
All-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP1220HD-VP1220 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which with twelve network ports output, support dual live video windows integrated video processing and sending card functions. It product supports 4K input and is a cost-effective video processor for mid-to-highend video control equipment in the LED large-screen display, performance and rental, studio and other markets. 1. 12 lines RJ45 output, the maximum loading capacity is 7.8 million pixels2. Come with Wi-Fi function, support mobile APP wireless control3. Support 4K video signal input and dual windows display
Professional LED display control system integrated solution provider-Huidu Technology
Brand Name: HuiduDelivery time:3 DaysPlace of Origin:CN;GUACertification:CE,FCC,ROHS,UL,BISSoftware:HDPlayer(Windows),HD Set,(Windows),HD Show(Windows),HD2020(Windows),Ledart(Android),Ledart(IOS)Pixels: any (P10/P8/P6/P.593/P4.81/P3.91/P3/P2/P.186)Warranty: 1 YearUsage:indoor & outdoorThis video is mainly a feature film that introduces the main business, products, enterprise scale and human history of Huidu Technology's own enterprise in the form of a corporate promotional video. Corporate promotional videos are mainly a way for companies to stage a dynamic and artistic presentation, looking back on the past.

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