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It is built to last. During the structure making stage, it has been built with a very sturdy and robust frame that is not likely to crack or be damaged. .
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HD-R612 Receiving Card  for Full Color LED Display Sender
HD-R612 is a LED Receiver Dedicated to LED display using LS9919/LS9929 driver IC.\Interface:12 HUB75E Output and 2 Gigabit Ethernet port inputRecommended loading range:128 (or one module) in width ,Highly can use all interfacesSening card:A3/A4/A5/A6/C15C/C35C/VP210/VP410/VP620/VP820/VP1220/VP1620/VP1240/VP1640Certification:CE/FCC/ROHS
How to build led wall with Professional LED controller HD-VP210?
How to build led wall with Professional LED controller HD-VP210?Seek led wall priceThis video will show you how to set up all-in-one LED video processor HD-VP210 from Huidu Technology.VP210 has these features, do you know?1. Supports direct playback of videos and pictures in the U disk.2. Multi-channel video signal input interface, video signal source can be switched at will.3. Comes with Wi-Fi function, Support mobile APP wireless control.4. Support audio input and output.
Have you seen such a big water tank?
1. Loading capacity is 2.6 million pixels.2. Support multiple T902x1 splicing control big LED screen.3. Tow DVI input, 4 network port output.
Huidu RJ45+USB  Single color  LED Controller HD-E64
Feature:Supports LAN or WAN control of multiple controllers;Support  both single color (HUB12-16) and RGB full color led panel (HUB75B0-4);No need to set IP, get IP automatically or customize IP;Support GPS, temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other sensors;
KTV Application Case - VP Series LED Control System from Huidu Technology
1. Comes with Wi-Fi function, support mobile APP wireless control2. Integrated synchronous sending card and video3. Multiple loading capacity options4. The maximum loading capacity of VP1640 is 10.4 million pixels
2021 International Smart Display and Integration System Exhibition
2021 International Smart Display and Integration System Exhibition was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Bao’an New Hall from May 10 to 13. Huidu Technology, as a professional LED display control system integrated solution provider, brought a variety of new products and solutions  to customers, and was praised and recognized by many users.
Receiving Card HD-R516T for Full Color LED Display - Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd
HD-R516T is LED receiver for both Async and Sync controller Interface: 16 HUB75E Output and 2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputRecommended loading range:192 pixels in width (For modules lower than 16 scan) or 128 pixels in width (For modules higher than 16 scan)Sender:C15C/C35C/A3/A4/A5/A6/VP210/VP420/VP620/VP820/VP1220/VP1620/VP1240/VP1640Certification:CE/FCC/ROHS
Have You Seen Such a LED Display?
Ring LED display control system HD-A5 to come from Huidu Technology, it is a dual-mode LED display player, comes with Wi-Fi function that can support mobile APP wireless control, it has 8GB memory and support expanding by U-disk, the maximum loading capacity of A5 is 1.3 million pixels, the widest is 16384 pixels and the highest is 2048 pixels.Features:1. Support Asynchronous & Synchronous display2. Support HDMI HD video zoom, no need video processor3. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management4. No need set IP address, it could be identified by controller ID automatically
Best quality Two-in-one LED screen Controller HD-VP1220
1. 12 lines RJ45 output, the maximum loading capacity is 7.8 million pixels2. Come with Wi-Fi function, support mobile APP wireless control3. Support 4K video signal input and dual windows display
HD-40S LCD Digital Signage  Android Controller
HD-40S LCD Digital Signage  Android ControllerOutput :HDMI 1.4 1080P 60HZ /LVDS 1080P    Android system version :7.1.1    Supported video resolution :1080P    Wi-Fi version:2.4G    Bluetooth:not support    4G:not support    USB Interface :2 USB 2.04 extended :USB2.0    CPU :A40i, quad-core, main frequency up to 1.2GHz    GPU :Mali400MP2    RAM :1G    storage: 8G    OTG Interface :Switch via USB interface (jump cap switch)    3.5mm Audio port :support    
Professional LED Video Wall Multi-media player HD-A6 Factory Huidu Technology
1. New version A6 supports asynchronous mode and synchronous mode, they can playback at the same time.2. Real-time zoom in and zoom out without video processor.3. Equipped with Wi-Fi, support mobile APP management.4. ith 8GB memory, support expanding memory by U-disk, plug and play.
Wholesale Full color Wi-Fi led screen controller HD-C36C
1.  The maximum loading capacity: 524,288 million pixels2.  With a relay to control the power supply remotely.3.  Support optional 4G connection, Internet remote control.4.  2 lines 50PIN HUB, it can connect to different HUB types.

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