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With all these features, this product can be a product of furniture and can also be considered as a form of decorative art. .
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Huidu Technology's 2023 sales system skill improvement training concluded successfully
In order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the sales system and build a "winning" sales team, the 2023 Huidu technology sales system skills training camp was successfully held in Shiyan, Shenzhen, on January 10-12. This promotion training is mainly aimed at the systematic study, ideological collision and practical practice of the problems puzzled by the sales staff.
Huidu Synchronous sending card HD-T901
HD-T901 is a synchronous sending cards, features are as follows:1. Support 1~64 scan, compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module.2. Control range: 1.3 million pixels, the widest 3840 (need video processor), and the highest 2048.3. One DVI video input.4. Supports up to 65536 grayscale level.5. Support cascading with serial port to configure multiple sending cards, support sending card cascade to control screen in high resolution.
High quality of factory  Huidu technology LED Display Controllers Application for led video wall
The case in the video uses the following LED screen controller:All-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP1240,Two-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP830 ,HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R712 ,Dual-mode LED Display Player HD-A6 and Two-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP630
Professional LED receiving card and led sending card  used Indoor P1.86 LED Wall-Huidu technology manufacturers
Multiple sets of modeling led screens, point-to-point display, LED display screen of a building, 1 HD-VP8000 splicing processor+4 T902X2 synchronous sending cards+285 HD-R512T receiving cards are usedSynchronous Sending Box HD-T902x2HD-T902x2 is a synchronous sending box with one DVI signal input, 8 Gigabit network, the maximum load capacity is 5.2 million pixels, widest 7680 pixels, highest 4096 pixels, support multiple device splicing control LED screen .1. Support 2 dual channel stereo input;2.  Four DVI video signal input;3.  USB-B control interface;4.  Cascading multiple units control super LED screen;5.  Built-in 110V~220V AC to 5V DC transformer;6.  4 network port output, maximum load capacity 5.2 million pixels.HUB75E Port Receiving Card HD-R512THD-R512T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 12 lines HUB75E port.1.Integrated with 12 lines HUB75E port2.Support regular chips and PWM chips3.Support static module, any scan mode within 2~64 scan4.Support data group exchange and data group offset setting5.Smart settings, draw points, trace points, etc.6.Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order7.Recommended loading range: 256*512/ 128*768#ledscreen
China factory of led screen controller HD-A3 Wi-Fi control  round Shaped LED display
Indoor Round LED display equipped with #Huidu Technology Wi-Fi LED Screen controller, it supportMobile APP management.used one HD-A3 asynchronous player box and two HD-R512T receiving cards.HD-A3 is asynchronous sending box, come with Wi-Fi, support mobile APP wireless management, equipped with 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk, support optional 4G module, remote cluster control, suitable used for all asynchronous advertising LED display.#

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