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Factory of led screen controller case: Indoor led wall with Huidu Technology sending card VP8000M and receiving card
HD-R512T is a receiving card that support asynchronous controller, synchronous controller, all-in-one led controller, come with 12 lines HUB75E port.1)Integrated with 12 lines HUB75E port2)Support regular chips and PWM chips3)Support static module, any scan mode within 2~64 scan4)Support data group exchange and data group offset setting5)Smart settings, draw points, trace points, etc.6)Support multi-card cascade, arbitrary order7)Recommended loading range: 256*512/ 128*768HD-T902x2 is a synchronous sending box with one DVI signal input, 8 Gigabit network, the maximum load capacity is 5.2 million pixels, widest 7680 pixels, highest 4096 pixels, support multiple device splicing control LED screen .1. Support 2 dual channel stereo input;2.  Four DVI video signal input;3.  USB-B control interface;4.  Cascading multiple units control super LED screen;5.  Built-in 110V~220V AC to 5V DC transformer;6.  4 network port output, maximum load capacity 5.2 million pixels.

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