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LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A6L supports buttons to switch programs
HD-A6L is an LED display multimedia player that supports playing videos, pictures, GIF animations, texts, WPS documents, tables, clocks, timing, and other programs. It integrates functions such as asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, and HDMI splicing playback, supporting multi-terminal control and release programs.
Factory of led screen controller Huidu Technology show you the new functions of HDShow player
This video will demonstrate the following new features of HDShow:1."z" type setting of long screen2.split-screen display3.dazzle color4.drag the pictures and video files on the computer to the canvas for display5.support PPT/EXCEL/PDF and WORD files6.the frame rate setting7.inversion colorHDShow is a professional and free multimedia player software, suitable for real-time playing computer pictures.
Professional led controller how to use solve some common problems of LED Screen  contorller A6 Huidu Technology Factory
HD-A6 is the second generation Dual-mode LED display player, supports asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, U-disk socket and video auto-scaling functions, with the maximum load capacity 2.3 million pixels. Come with Wi-Fi module, support mobile APP management. Equipped with 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk. Support optional 4G module, remote cluster control.If you have the following problems, you can solve them by watching dual-mode display player A6 video,This video explains the detailed solutions to these problems.1.run indicator if off or always on2.forget the WiFi password3.can not find the device4.the device is occupied or the device fails to connect when sending the problem5.the screen dispalys nothing or bluning when insert the HDMI signal.

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