Huidu Technology 2022 New Product Training Conference in Mumbai held successfully


In order to further empower Huidu Technology's partners, and help Huidu Technology's new products to expand the market. On May 25, 2022, the "2022 Huidu Technology New Product Training Conference" was successfully held in Mumbai, India. Nearly 60 important partners participated in the conference.

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At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xie Zhijun, CEO of Huidu Technology, delivered a speech for the new product training meeting online. He first expressed his sincere thanks to the partners who participated in the new product training conference, and introduced the brand strength, company development strategy and market policy of Huidu Technology to the on-site partners. In 2021, Huidu Technology has achieved a 50% increase in sales through a series of actions. Facing the overseas LED&LCD market, Huidu Technology will continue to forge ahead, provide customers with high-quality technical services, and solve problems for customers in a timely manner. Society creates value.

During the whole process of the new product training meeting, Kevin, Manager of Foreign Trade Department I of Huidu Technology, interacted face-to-face with the on-site partners through online methods, and provided product and technical questions for the on-site partners. He said that Huidu Technology will always focus on We will continue to provide all-round services and guarantees for our partners, and we look forward to achieving mutual benefit and win-win results with our partners and maintaining long-term and stable cooperation.

As an innovative enterprise, Huidu Technology's most powerful core competitiveness is its product R&D innovation capability. In this Mumbai new product training conference, Vignesh, a technical engineer from Huidu Technology Mumbai, introduced the features of the new 4K super master HD-A8/A7 and the detailed operation of "screen control" and "xiaohui cloud information release system" at the meeting. 

Huidu Technology 4K super master HD-A8/A7 has the following features: support voice control, Bluetooth remote control; support mobile phone and tablet wireless screen projection; support HDMI/DP signal input, synchronous playback; standard dual-band WIFI, mobile phone wireless Control; support 4G/5G Internet remote cluster control, faster transmission speed; control range up to 8.39 million points, the widest 15360, the highest 2160 pixels.

In terms of the message distribution scheme, Huidu Technology's mobile phone APP wireless message distribution solution has rich functions and simple operation. It is the first in the industry to support point-to-point wireless distribution of programs on mobile phones without deploying a server; "Xiaohui Cloud Information Distribution System" can realize Internet The remote cluster update program allows users to change the program without going to the screen site. Its features such as simple operation and complete functions have been well received by on-site users.

The 3-hour new product training meeting ended with the applause of all partners, and the participating partners were full of admiration for this new product training. In the future, Huidu Technology will continue to hold product training meetings in various regions of the world, summarize the questions and suggestions raised by partners in each training meeting, better optimize products, serve customers, strengthen itself, and enable Huidu Technology to obtain domestic and foreign LED&LCD. Industry recognition.

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