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There is a new member of the VP family, HD-VP830,which is suitable for banquet halls, conference rooms, exhibiton halls, auditoriums, airports, railway stations and other occasions. HD-VP830 is an LED video processor with a brand-new architecture. It has excellent image processing capabilities. It integrates 8 gigabit output network ports, with a maximum load of 5.2 million pixels, a maximum width of 8192 pixels, and a maximum height of 4096 pixels.





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Product Information:

Two-in-one LED Video Processor HD-VP830

HD-VP830 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller which with eight network ports output, support dual live video windows integrated video processing and sending card functions.

The product supports 4K input and is a cost-effective video processor for mid-to-high-end video control equipment in the LED large-screen display, performance and rental, studio and other markets.

VP830 has 2 HDMI, 1 DVI and 1 SDI signal input interface, supports multiple signals input simultaneously and seamless switching. 

VP830 supports 3-screen display at any position and any area size, and supports picture-in-picture and picture-outside-picture functions.

Standard Wi-Fi, support mobile APP wireless control. Signal switching, screen layout, volume adjustment, brightness setting, one-key black screen, image effect setting and other functions are all available.

In addition, VP830 also supports optional mobile phone/tablet wireless screen projection, U disk insertion program and infrared remote control functions.


1)Integrated video processor、sending card function, 8 gigabit network port output, total pixels 5.2 million points;

2)4-channel high-definition digital and analog video input, up to 4K@60Hz input;

3)Multiple audio input and output;

4)Support three picture PIP, POP;

5)Fast switching of any channel;

6)Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recalling;

7)The "Navigation Settings" function is convenient for quick settings;

8)The "connection setting" function does not require computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;

9)The device can be debugged and controlled through the panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing);

10)Optional USB (USB flash disk playing) and mobile phone / tablet wireless projection;

11)The integrated control host (i.e. central control) can be connected through RS232.


 Connection Diagram:


1.Does the all-in-one video processor support multi-screen display?

  1. Yes, they support multi-screen display, arbitrary layout.
2.What type of company is Huidu Technology?
Huidu Technology is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of LED and LCD display control systems.
3.How many ways for updating programs?
Four. They are Wi-Fi, U-disk, network cable and Internet


1. Our products are cost-effective.
2. Focusing on LED full color Asynchronous and Synchronous control system, video processor, single color control card, and LCD controller, completed control solutions for commercial display.
3. Participated in 2015 Guangzhou smart advertising and led exhibition. Hd-ax series of control system for small space advertising machine is released.
4. Our LED controller euqqiped with WIFI, so you can use mobile APP to control them.

About Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd.

Huidu Technology established in 2009. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on LED Display and LCD Digital signage control systems, and a professional manufacturer of LED control system as well. More than 60% of Huidu products are sold abroad: Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, India, Vietnam, United States etc. Easy operation and User friendly software interface as they have more and more customer friends choose Huidu technology, we respect the opinions of every customer and do our best to create maximum value for customers. Our company has always specialised in developing the LED&LCD control system of high performance, cost-effective and high-intelligent. We have grasped core technologies in the embedded control, digital graphic information and multimedia aspects, and has applied to our products successfully. All the way from single/dual color to full color and from asynchronization to synchronization, Huidu Technology has possessed the most comprehensive product line and most extensive solutions. As a high-tech enterprise based on technology, taking R&D as subject and talent as source, our company can master  the real-time high technology to create more wonderful products for LED industry.

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