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Hello friend,

About Huidu LED display controller new products and technical training held in Mumbai was ended successfully. Nearly 50 important partners was there for Huidu Technology new product conference and technical training sessions. Thank you for your participation. Let's share you some scene photos here as below:

Grand occasion 1: 

The leaders of Huidu Headquarters Mr. Jim and Mr. Kevin were unable to be there due to the pandemic. This was the first time we did online and offline collaboration together for the event. At the beginning of the event, the CEO of our Huidu company, Mr. Jim connected online and gave greetings to all attendee partners and friends and expressed thanks.

Grand occasion 2:

Throughout the whole sessions, the director of our Huidu business department, Mr Kevin was always keeping video online to connect the offline scene for collaboration and support together. Interactively answered attendee customers questions and gave explaination of product function in real time.

Grand occasion 3:

Everyone is watching carefully the lecturer of Huidu Indian employee technical engineer Vignesh, he was doing training for Huidu new controllers and technical knowledges, very professional.

One of the most powerful new products showcased at this conference:

1). 4K super dual-mode LED display controller HD-A8 / A7

2). A8 supported XiaoHui Cloud Platform on 5G network for remote management. (4G or 5G network is optional)

How is your feeling about our Huidu training sessions this time? do you have any feedback, is it helpful?

Actually, we used to come to Mumbai every May to gather with you, and in the future we will hold more such offline training sessions for you, looking forward to meet you face to face soon. 

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