2021 ISLE Internationale Smart Display & Integrated System Exhibition


2021 International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Bao’an New Hall from May 10 to 13. Huidu Technology, as a professional LED display control system integrated solution provider, brought a variety of new products and solutions  to customers, and was praised and recognized by many users.

The three-day ISVE Shenzhen Smart Display System Industry Application Expo has been successfully concluded. What are the highlights of the products and solutions displayed by Huidu Technology at this exhibition? Let's take a look at it today.

2021 ISLE Internationale Smart Display & Integrated System Exhibition
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At this exhibition, Huidu Technology focused on the mobile APP wireless signaling solution, multi-screen soft splicing solution, dual-screen different display control solution and 4K display solution.

  1. 1.Among them, the mobile phone APP wireless messaging solution is the first and currently the only one in the industry that can realize the point-to-point wireless distribution of mobile phone programs without deploying a server. Installing a server also reduces deployment costs for users.

2.The multi-screen soft splicing solution is the latest introduction of Huidu Technology, which can combine the pictures of multiple displays into a whole picture, and can also realize that multiple displays can play the same picture synchronously or play different pictures independently, making the display suitable for more occasions. The free supporting multi-screen soft splicing message sending system - "Xiaohui Cloud" platform, users can install it by themselves with one click, and do not need cumbersome settings.

3.With the continuous expansion of the LCD smart display industry in various fields, the traditional single-screen display has been unable to meet the diversified market demands, and the dual-screen different display has also emerged as the times require. The dual-screen different display control solution launched by Huidu Technology supports the wireless information release of mobile APP and the remote update of programs on the "Xiaohui Cloud" platform.

4.4K LCD display Android motherboard adopts RK3399 six-core high-performance CPU, the highest frequency is 1.8GHz, can be equipped with Android7.1 or Android10.0 system, adopts Mali-T864 GPU, supports 4K H.265 video hard decoding, and has rich Expansion interface, support Wi-Fi, network port, U disk, TF communication mode and HDMI synchronous playback. It is widely used in advertising machines and interactive all-in-one machines in the fields of security, medical care, transportation, and finance.

At present, Huidu LCD Android motherboards are mainly used in large shopping malls, smart buses, digital signage and smart electronic photo frames. The main representative products are the smart Android motherboard M21 of the RK3288 solution; the 4K Android motherboard M30 of the RK3399 solution and the digital signage Android motherboard 40S of the cost-effective A40i solution, all of which support mobile point-to-point wireless information release and network cluster management.

In addition, we have also realized the integration of LCD and LED display, and users can manage LCD display and LED display at the same time with only one software, which is very convenient.

The products and solutions displayed by Huidu Technology in this exhibition have been recognized by the audience. We will also adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation, develop more products and develop new functions, and serve more users.

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