KTV Entertainment City luxury box project, using multiple video processors HD-VP1620

HD-VP1640 is a four windows LED display controller, it have 16 lines Gigabit Ethernet ouput, the loading capacity is 10.4 million pixles, support 6 signal input and can swithing arbitrary, comes with Wi-Fi funciton, support mobile APP wireless control.


1)Integrated video processor、sending card function, 16 gigabit network port output, total pixels 10.4 million points;

2)6-channel high-definition digital video input, DP up to 4K@60Hz input;

3)Multiple audio input and output;

4)Support four live windows display , POP;

5)Fast switching of any channel;

6) Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recalling;

7) The "Navigation Settings" function is convenient for quick settings;

8) The "connection setting" function does not require computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;

9) The device can be debugged and controlled through the panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing)





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+86 18007554646


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Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a professional display control system solution provider. Huidu Technology focuses on the R&D, production and sales of LED and LCD display control systems. It is a national high-tech enterprise, and also a double soft enterprise in Shenzhen. It has won the honorary title of the top ten brands in the industry for six consecutive years.

At present, the company has five product lines, including LED display asynchronous full color control system, synchronous control system, video processor, single and dual color control card and LCD advertising machine Android motherboard, as well as a complete software ecosystem covering cloud, mobile phone and computer, including "small gray cloud" platform, "screen control" APP, HDPlayer, HDSet, HD Show, HD2020, etc.

Huidu Technology takes technological innovation as the lifeblood of the company's development. The company pioneered the single and dual color USB disk control card, the original IP free automatic connection full-color control system, the first commercial Internet cloud management platform, and the industry's first to obtain the three-level certification of Internet information security level protection.

In addition to constantly surpassing the LED display control system and taking the lead in the industry, Huidu technology has also constantly broken through the border and entered the LCD display Android motherboard market. Huidu has rapidly grown into a dazzling new star in the Android motherboard industry with its unique mobile messaging, messaging compatible with LED and LCD screens, and consistent industrial grade product quality.

After 13 years of development, Huidu Technology has 28 domestic offices and 17 overseas technical service outlets. The company's products are sold to more than 102 countries and regions around the world, and the annual sales continue to grow at a growth rate of about 50%.

With its continuous innovation ability, Huidu Technology has obtained more than 70 software copyrights and patents, including 6 invention patents, and its products have passed CCC/CE/FCC/RoHS certification.

In the future, Huidu Technology will adhere to the corporate culture of "customer first, unity and hard work, continuous innovation, embracing change, and striving for perfection", take becoming a "well-known listed company that wins with quality innovation and quality" as its long-term goal, and take "vision is not only black and white, but also more brilliant with Huidu" as its corporate vision to constantly surpass and forge ahead.

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