Tutorial of VP8000M image splicing operation from Huidu LED and LCD display controller

The VP8000M image splicing processor is a hybrid card-type intelligent image splicing processor, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens to realize the function of multi-window splicing. This product can automatically detect and identify the board type, support DVI, HDMI and other splicing boards, plug and play, and support video splicing, control third-party devices and other functions.
This video will teach you how to connect the VP8000M to your PC and how to use Video Wall Processor software.

Video operation steps

Do you know how to splice video wall by VP8000M?

After debugging all sending cards connect to PC by LAN cable

At the beginning,change the IP address to the same network segment with VP8000M

After that,run the video wall processor software

Both username and password are “admin”

Click “Spellcontrol-network”

Connect to device successfully

Click “Video Wall” to splice

Click add

Set width and height of one sending card

Rename the resolution setting

Set 3 rows and 2 columns

Click “ok”

Edit coordinates, Click “ok”

Splicing is completed,Drag the signal to the video wall

Drag the signal to the video wall

Open windows at will

One clik window opening

Save the scene.Scene call at will

Click”Poll setting”.Add scenes then set time interval.Save.Start polling.Group input.





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HD-VP8000M image mosaic processor is a hybrid plug-in intelligent image mosaic processor, which can display multiple dynamic images on multiple screens and realize the function of multi-window mosaic. VP8000M can automatically detect and identify the board type, support DVI, HDMI, DP, CVBS, VGA, IP decoding card and other splicing board cards, plug and play, integrate the two-in-one splicing processor of synchronous transmission card output, and support video splicing, control third-party devices and other functions;

The device control mode includes RS232 control and LAN client software control, and supports serial port control of remote third-party devices. The client control software can be used to set multiple ways of output screen splicing display, input signal OSD setting, scene saving, scene polling, etc.

VP8000M can be widely used in urban safety monitoring, intelligent traffic management, video conference, large conference center, large commercial square, military command center, government, etc.


1.Input board type (one card and four channels): 2K HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI/CVBS;

2. Input board type (one card and two channels): 4k HDMI 30Hz;

3. Type of input board (one card and two ways): one way 4k HDMI 60Hz, one way 4K DP 60Hz;

4. Output board type (one card with 8 network ports and 4 layers): RJ45;

5. Modular design, plug-in structure;

6. FPGA architecture, no embedded operating system, internal self-built core computing mechanism, excellent image processing performance;

7. It supports output at any resolution, and the maximum output resolution is 1920x1200 @ 60Hz; 2.35 million pixels with single load Point, the maximum width is 2560, and the maximum is 1920;

8. Support LED large screen splicing display;

9. The output screen can realize arbitrary splicing display;

10. Control mode: RS232 serial port and LAN network port;

11. The client software can realize signal switching, signal detection, splicing setting, scene call, scene saving, and scene Preview, resolution setting, restore factory settings, etc;

12. Support OSD user-defined character display function of input signal source, and can set character font, size, color and transparency Degree, position, etc;

13. Support any window opening, overlapping, roaming, zooming, stretching and other operations of the screen;

14. Support picture-in-picture display, image overlay display, multi-screen single-screen display, single-screen multi-screen display splicing function;

15. The layer order and attribute setting of the overlay window can be realized through the client software;

16. A single output display screen can support up to 4 windows;

17. A single input source supports arbitrary window opening;

18. Set up to 4 groups of independent display output screens through the client, and customize the resolution of each group of output screens;

19. It has power-off memory function;

20. Input and output boards support hot swapping.

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