Huidu Technology's 2023 sales system skill improvement training concluded successfully

In order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the sales system and build a "winning" sales team, the 2023 Huidu technology sales system skills training camp was successfully held in Shiyan, Shenzhen, on January 10-12. This promotion training is mainly aimed at the systematic study, ideological collision and practical practice of the problems puzzled by the sales staff.




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At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xie Zhijun, CEO of Huidu Technology, delivered a speech for the training. In combination with the company's sales strategic plan for 2023, he proposed that rich knowledge reserves and professional business literacy are the basis for every salesperson to develop and serve customers. In order to build a high-quality sales system team and improve the business development and combat effectiveness of the sales system, the company specially arranged this sales skill improvement training. I hope that you will take an active part in this training, and you will reap a lot.

The three-day training courses are rich and compact, including "How to find customers", "How to communicate with customers", "How to do customer analysis", "How to solve customer objections", "Synchronous+processor+single and dual color" product competition analysis "," Asynchronous full color+LCD+software "product competition analysis", "Product plan and product knowledge training", "How to do a good job in price strategy", "How to achieve customer transaction" "How to do a good job in customer maintenance" and other topics, and carried out excellent cases and experience sharing around these topics. Finally, in view of the difficulties in the current sales system work, the topic discussion was conducted in groups. Each group member expressed their own views, and the stage sharing link was even more lively, and each member competed to share the results of the topic.

In order to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm and concentration in class, this training adopts the group point system and on-site assessment system, and sets up the excellent individual award, excellent team award and excellent tutor award, each of which has a corresponding cash award. During the explanation of each topic, the lecturers set up a question link at the key points and difficult points. Through the interactive question and answer method, they fully mobilize everyone's attention to the lesson, so that everyone can learn the nutrition of the course. At the end of the meeting, General Manager Hu and CEO Xie of Huidu Technology presented award certificates and awards to award-winning teams, individuals and tutors.

After three days of study, business colleagues seem to see the sky through the clouds in the wonderful teaching. I believe that every salesperson who has participated in the training will never forget the joy of acquiring knowledge, and will turn knowledge into ability, and submit a more perfect answer in the future!

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