Huidu controller | Collection of 2022 year-end summary, recognition conference and 2023 Spring Festival Gala

On January 15, 2023, Huidu Technology "intensive cultivation, thick accumulation and thin hair" 2022 year-end summary and commendation conference and 2023 Spring Festival Gala were held ceremoniously. All Huidu people gathered together to sum up their experience and bid farewell to 2022, and work together to pursue the dream of 2023.




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Review 2022 and look forward to 2023

At the opening of the annual meeting, Mr. Xie Zhijun, CEO of Huidu Technology, delivered the keynote speech of "2022 Business Summary and 2023 Planning". Joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship, and regret encourages struggle. Looking back on the past year, the challenge of the domestic epidemic has run through the whole year of 2022. From the closure and control of Shenzhen at the beginning of the year, the outbreak of the epidemic at multiple points in the middle of the year, to the infection of the epidemic at the end of the year, it has been extremely difficult. In the face of these problems, all Huidu people have overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties, and break through layers of difficulties. In 2022, we have steadily achieved strategic goals and achieved brilliant achievements. Looking forward to 2023, we are full of expectations. This is a year full of opportunities. Mr. Xie encourages everyone to take the attitude of "intensive cultivation and intensive development" and work hard to achieve the common progress of individuals and companies.

Cohesion and management

In the face of the new 2023, Huidu technology has reorganized the organizational structure. At the annual meeting, all the management of Huidu Technology appeared on the stage and read the oath under the leadership of the CEO, showing the demeanor of the team leader.

Do what you say and accomplish your mission

Signing of military order

The sales team and the R&D team carried out the reading of the 2023 military order, which was exciting. The teams were impassioned and passionate. In 2023, they would move towards a higher goal. They would do what they said and achieve their mission.

Gather consensus and be grateful for you

Award of excellent suppliers

Robust suppliers are the cornerstone of the company's rapid development. Especially in recent years, under the repeated impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, supplier partners, as an important part of the supply chain, their support and cooperation are very important. At this annual meeting, seven excellent supplier partners were selected and awarded awards.

Work hard to achieve glory

Employee and team recognition

The brilliant achievements of Huidu technology in 2022 are inseparable from the hard work of huidu people at all posts. In order to inspire advanced teams and individuals, at the annual meeting, Huidu Technology awarded the Best Team Award, the Best Management Cadre Award, the Gold Sales Award, the Service Pacesetter Award, the Best New Person Award, the Best Struggle Award, the Best Employee Award and the Best Progress Award. Honor is not only an affirmation and commendation to each winner, but also an exemplary force for all Huidu people to keep moving forward and climb the peak.

Appreciate your colleagues and build a dream for the future

Anniversary employee commemoration

Adherence along the way is choice, attitude, and trust and perseverance in Huidu technology. In order to thank everyone who has been in the company for 5 years or more, the CEO of Huidu technology issued commemorative badges to employees who have been in the company for 10 years or more and 5-9 years at the site of this annual meeting. Thank you for accompanying the company to grow together.

Continuous learning and empowering the future

Create learning organization awards

Subsequently, the annual meeting on-site commended the members who actively explored and learned new knowledge in "building a learning organization" in 2022 and grew into the learning benchmark of each department.

Talent performance, brilliant

Huidu technology not only provides a platform for the development of strivers, but also a stage for talent performers to play. The graceful and colorful dances, magnificent songs, and classic and funny sketches all show their charm at the party!

Exciting, lucky draw

The most surprising part of the annual meeting was the raffle. At the annual meeting, there were four rounds of large-scale raffle, and the top management of the company added awards, which set off the climax of the party. The whole room was filled with a lively atmosphere.

Looking back on 2022,

Thanks for the spring, summer, autumn and winter

Looking forward to 2023,

In the new year,

We will make great achievements again. "Rabbit" is extraordinary!

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