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1. Comes with Wi-Fi function, support mobile APP wireless control

2. Integrated synchronous sending card and video

3. Multiple loading capacity options

4. The maximum loading capacity of VP1640 is 10.4 million pixels





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Overview of VP1640

HD-VP1640 is one powerful 2-in-1 controller with sixteen network ports output, support four live windows integrated video processing and sending card functions.

Its product supports 4K input and is a cost-effective video processor for mid-to-high-end video control equipment in the LED large-screen display, performance and rental, studio, and other markets.


Practical video input interface —2 HD video input interface (HDMI1.4), 1 digital video input interface (DVI), 2 HD video input interface (DP1.2),,1 * extended EXT input interface (DVI or SDI,  factory standard DVI)。

Audio input and output —HDMI/DP audio input ,1 independent analog audio input, select 1 from 5 to send to the audio output terminal.

Debug control interface—Square USB(Type B)、Wi-Fi。

Four windows layout—Supports four live windows display function,picture-outside-picture POP.

Supports screen switching—The input signal source can be switched freely, and fast switching between channels can be realized.

Input resolution adjustment—In DVI/HDMI/DP input mode, it supports preset and custom adjustment of common input resolutions.

Supports 16 network port output—maximum load 10.4 million pixels, maximum width 16000, maximum 3840.

Set-and-save —The set-and-save technology solves the user's cumbersome setting and manual storage process, the user no need to manually save after adjusting or adjusting the parameters, and the user parameters are automatically stored in EEPROM, even if the power is turned off After the power failure, the parameters before the power failure remains in the device.


Save template function—it can save the current settings, up to 8 groups of template parameters, and save the parameters to the corresponding mode, which is convenient for customers to call directly.


Key lock — lock the keys to prevent accidentally pressing the operation keys to change settings during operation.


Connection Diagram


1)Integrated video processor、sending card function, 16-gigabit network port output, total pixels 10.4 million points;

2)6-channel high-definition digital video input, DP up to 4K@60Hz input;

3)Multiple audio input and output;

4)Support four live windows display, POP;

5)Fast switching of any channel;

6) Parameter setting and saving function, scene preset saving and recalling;

7) The "Navigation Settings" function is convenient for quick settings;

8) The "connection setting" function does not require computer control, and directly sets the connection parameters of each cabinet through the panel buttons;

9) The device can be debugged and controlled through the panel buttons, USB, Wi-Fi (mobile APP, developing);

10)The integrated control host (i.e. central control) can be connected through RS232.

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