The 2022 LCD New Product Launch Conference and Customer Appreciation Meeting of Huidu Technology was successfully held

Enable LCD display industry! The launch of new products of Huidu technology LCD and customer appreciation meeting were successfully held."Bringing new life and looking forward to the future" - The new product launch conference of Huidu technology LCD and customer appreciation meeting ended successfully. The conference was held offline and broadcasted in the whole process. More than 900 people from national channels and partners of Huidu technology and LCD display industry colleagues witnessed the launch of this new product online.




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Never lie flat as long as you can move

Accumulate strength and brave the peak

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Hu Kongwei, General Manager of Huidu Technology, delivered a speech for the meeting. First of all, he sincerely thanked and welcomed all partners for coming. In the face of the epidemic situation in 2022, although there were confusion, hesitation and tension, he still chose to face the situation with a positive attitude, and took out his accumulated strength to change, expand and expand. In 2022, various departments of Huidu Technology made remarkable achievements in each job, The continuous R&D and innovation of products, the continuous growth of sales performance and the increasing volume of shipments have all enhanced the company's influence. He said that "as long as we can move in 2022, we will never lie flat".

Challenges and opportunities coexist

Practice your internal skills and get ready for take-off

At the meeting, Secretary General Cao of China Federation of Engineering Merchants delivered a speech, saying that he had witnessed the careful layout and rapid development of Huidu technology from LED display control to LCD display control, and appreciated that gray scale technology had risen to the challenge and helped the development of the display industry. Policies such as "One Hundred Cities and One Thousand Screens", 5G+8K, and Smart City will benefit the vigorous development of the big display industry. It is hoped that all enterprises in the industry will practice their internal skills and prepare for development together.

Insist on empowering the business display industry

Promote high-quality development of the industry

Huidu technology - born for display control system, to change the LCD industry, and to empower the majority of LCD machine manufacturers and engineers as the mission! Since its establishment in 2009, the company has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of LED and LCD display control systems. At this conference, Mr. Xie Zhijun, CEO of Huidu Technology, started from five major industrial challenges, including content security, software and hardware integration, LED&LCD compatibility, localized technology services and software messaging lag, and the less optimistic economic market in 2022. In response to the challenges, Huidu Technology made five initiatives, including channel empowerment, software empowerment, technology empowerment, marketing empowerment and credit empowerment, according to market changes and user needs, to help customers succeed, Actively undertake the responsibility and mission of promoting high-quality development of the industry.

The awarding link is a grand recognition

Thunderous applause

This meeting is not only a new product launch, but also a customer appreciation meeting. We are grateful for all customers' support for Huidu technology, and this link solemnly commended the excellent strategic partners of 2022.

Deepen the field of LCD commercial display

Achieve win-win cooperation

At this meeting, Huidu Technology invited its partners Guangdong Hosda Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen TXZN Technology Co., Ltd. to give speeches. They said: Huidu Technology has strong technical strength and fast service response. They are very grateful for Huidu Technology's strong support in products and technologies, and also very grateful for the help of the business display platform and everyone present. Now, we are fully open to the global market, I hope you can make a package of preparations, do a good job in the present, and spare no effort. Finally, I wish the launch of this new product conference of Huidu Technology a success.

LCD commercial display new products launch

Craftsmanship and quality promote the development of the industry

Mr. Ouyang Qiping, product manager of Huidu Technology, went straight to the topic and introduced three new hardware products and four solutions of Huidu Technology: HD-3566S, HD-3568S, HD-972S, three new products and screen control app, xiaohui cloud information release system, the industry's first C/S solution and multi screen software splicing solution. What's more, the so-called hardware platform and software platform are not only like this, but also Huidu technology provides it with rich peripheral ecological support. In addition to introducing the characteristics and performance advantages of new LCD Android motherboards, it also demonstrated the magic mirror screen interaction, screen control APP, LCD messaging scheme, sxiaohui cloud platform messaging scheme and multi screen software splicing scheme through video, which has won the applause and cheers of many customers. Huidu technology is favored by customers for its high-quality hardware products, simple and easy use of messaging software, and especially the security of the xiaohui cloud platform (the only one in the industry that has passed the three-level security certification).

At the end of the meeting, the colleagues of Huidu Technology also presented a carefully prepared dance and delicious dinner full of youth and vitality. This LCD new product launch and customer appreciation meeting was highly praised by customers and partners present.

After 13 years of intensive cultivation in the display and control system industry, Huidu technology has made solid progress step by step; In the future, Huidu technology will, as always, unswervingly contribute to the deep cultivation of the large display control system industry, enable the industry, and contribute to the vigorous development of the industry.

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