LCD Motherboard that Can Play Multiple Screens Simultaneously

1. Come with Wi-Fi function, support mobile APP sending programs.

2. Support multi-screen simultaneous playback.

3. Support operation 4G module, Internet remote management.




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HD-M21 is a well-built all-in-one motherboard, using Rockchip RK3288 quad-core chip solution, equipped with Android 7.1.2 system, the main frequency is up to 1.8GHz, with super performance. Adopts Mali-T764 GPU, supports AFBC (Frame Slow Slave Compression), 4K/H.265 hard decoding, 1080P video decoding, HDMI interface 4K output, 4K video playback. Supports infrared remote control, Wi-Fi, RJ45 and other rich interfaces to make the product more versatile. It is widely used in advertising, interactive all-in-one, security, medical, transportation, finance, industrial control and other intelligent control fields, which can accelerate the product development cycle. Due to its hardware platform and Android's intelligent characteristics, when it is necessary to perform human-computer interaction and network device interaction, it can be used on the smart terminal motherboard, which can become your best choice.

M21 is standard with a 2.4GHz frequency Wi-Fi module (optional 5GHz frequency), supports Bluetooth 4.2, supports sending programs via Bluetooth.

1. Features

1. High performance. Uses a quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 architecture, the main frequency can be as high as 1.8GHz, compared with the single-core, dual-core, and quad-core solutions common in the market. It has a qualitative leap in performance, can play high-definition video in various formats, and can handle complex interactive operations.


2. High stability. RK3288 Android integrated board, in hardware and software, add your own unique technology to ensure the stability of the product, can make the final product 7 * 24 hours unattended.


3. High integration. RK3288 Android integrated board integrates Ethernet, EDP, Wi-Fi, power amplifier, TF expansion card, USB expansion port, IR remote control function, HDMI, LVDS, backlight control, microphone and other functions, greatly simplifying the overall design.


4. High scalability. SIX expansion USB ports (4 ports are PIN type, 2 ports are standard type), 2 serial ports + 1 expandable debug serial port, five IO expansion ports can expand more peripheral devices.


5. High definition. Supporting various LVDS / EDP / HDMI interfaces and cropping screens of various sizes and resolutions.


6. Perfectly support multiple mainstream touch screen functions such as multi-point infrared touch, multi-point capacitive touch, multi-point nanofilm touch, multi-point acoustic wave touch, multi-point optical touch, etc.

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