How to realize multi-screen splicing playback? LCD android motherborad and Internet Remote Operating System from Huidu

How to realize multi-screen splicing playback?

Firstly,connect all screens to a router via network cable

Then,click the mouse 3-4 times in the upper left corner of the screen to enter the system settings of magic player,click advanced options,date and time,set this device to the server device,exit system setings,in the same way,we set the other screen to client device setting for the third screen,after the previous settings,the time of 3 screens will be the same.

Let's  continue,enter the system settings again,and bind the device to the cloud.

System mode,change the server address to and change the and back,in the same way,we set the other screen to cloud,setting for the third screen;then log in to the cloud,the devices are online,create a soft splicing equipment,change the screen size,3 column and 1 line.

Add devices,each device ID matches the device on the screen,then,create a LCD program,splicer program,save and release the program,check if the program is sent successfully.

Finally,let's look at the display.




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Xiaohui cloud information release system

The cloud platform solution of Huidu Technology is based on the "Xiaohui cloud Information Publishing System" deployed on Alibaba Cloud; the LED display adopts Huidu Technology asynchronous control card to connect to the Internet through 4G, LAN and Wi-Fi, and then connect to the Internet. Users can access the Internet through the management computer (PC) and mobile APP "LedArt", log in to their own account, and can manage the display screen centrally and remotely without leaving home.


Ⅰ. Safe and reliable. "Xiaohui cloud Information Release System" has passed the third-level certification of national information security level protection;

Ⅱ. Free access to the cloud platform. Both the domestic platform ( and the foreign platform ( are provided for free to users;

Ⅲ. Multi-level authority management, the program will be released after review;

Ⅳ. The content will be automatically reissued, and the content will be resumed at a breakpoint, so you won't miss it;

. Multi-screen synchronization provides shocking publicity effects. Adopt NTP/GPS/RF synchronization technology to realize the frame synchronization of LED screen;

Ⅴ. The brightness is automatically adjusted, which greatly reduces light pollution. The external brightness sensor monitors the ambient brightness in real time, the screen brightness is automatically increased during the day, and the brightness is automatically decreased at night; the brightness is automatically increased on sunny days, and the brightness is automatically decreased on cloudy days;

Ⅵ. Remote switch display, worry-free operation and maintenance. External relay K524 can realize remote timing or immediate switch display;

Ⅶ. Real-time display of Internet weather information. Automatically obtain Internet weather information and display it on the LED screen in real time.

Control System Selection:

Display   application categoryProduct   CategoryProduct   module
car   display

Asynchronous   control card

Light   pole screen, community information screen, etc.HD-C16C/C36C
Overpass   screen, highway information board, etc.HD-A3
Square   publicity screenHD-A4/A5/A6
Single   and double color information release screenHD-G62(4G)

Accessories product models and applicable scenarios:

Accessories   categoryAccessory   modelApplicable   scene
Receiving   card (optional)HD-R508,   R512T/S, R516T, etc.Mainly   used in large square screen and other occasions with large screen, used with   C15C/C35C/A3/A4/A5/A6
SIM   card (optional for 4G solution)
User prepares 
4G   module(optional)(models may vary in different regions)Optional   for occasions where wired network cannot be deployed, such as vehicles and   light poles
LoRa   module (optional)
Optional   for occasions requiring multi-screen image synchronization, such as vehicle   and light poles
GPS   module (optional)
Vehicles,   etc. need to be selected for display positioning occasions
Relay   (optional)K524Optional   for occasions that require remote control of street lights, display screens   and other equipment power switches, such as LED pole screens

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