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HD-M30B Box is an LCD controller from Huidu Technology, it is use RK3399 six-core chip solution. The main frequency is up to 1.8GHz. Comes Wi-Fi module, no need to deploy server supports mobile phone sending program wirelessly.

 It supports optional 4G module to sending programs via cloud platform; In addition, it also supports U-disk, TF card to display programs. 


M30B support HDMI high-definition signal input interface, the information sources of computers, set-top boxes, and cameras can be displayed on the screen simultaneously. It also with 1 HDMI high-definition signal output interface, which can play various formats of video, and support up to 4K 60HZ high-definition picture display.

 In addition. M30B also supports programs such as text, clock, weather, HTML, and streaming media.


M30B with a 3.5 mm standard dual-channel audio output interface can play sound directly. It also with 4GB DDR, 16GB memory, and supports customization of other configuration combinations.


M30B can be widely used in commercial display advertising machines, interactive All-in-one, security, medical, transportation, finance, industrial control and other intelligent control fields.




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+86 18007554646


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6 ways to operate M30B control card

Way 1. I Only have mobile phone and my video material is also stored on the mobile phone:

  1. 1. Open the "Settings" on the phone, search for the M30B WiFi hotspot, enter the password "88888888" to connect to it;

  2. 2. Then open the Moblilephone application "LEDART" , which is an APP that supports both Apple and Android systems;

3. Edit the contents and release your videos to the LCD displays. 

Way 2.  I can operate on a computer

1. Connect via RJ45 or HDMI

2. Find the device on Software, then edit and send the programs

3. Real-time displays

Way 3.  I'd like to use a USB flash drive

1. Copy the programs to U-disk

2. Insert the U-disk into USB port

3. Automatic recognition and loop playback

Way 4. I want to connect other devices, the interface used is HDMI or TF port

  1. 1. Connect the device and select the signal input source is HDMI or TF

Way 5. I'm not on site, I'm in another city and need remote control

1. Bind the control card to our Website Cloud Server during installation. This is a website Server, as long as there is a network, you can open it

2. Connect the motherboard to the router or use 4G modular to surf the Internet

3. Open the Cloud Server anywhere, you will see the operating information of the device, and you can change the playback content at any time on the website

Way 6. We require high security.

1. We can provide a LAN Server and remove all its source codes for external signals. This means that it can only be used on the internal computer and cannot receive any other signals.

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