Professional Dual-mode LED Display Player Box HD-A6

Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd. Best Dual-mode LED Display Player Box HD-A6 - Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co., Ltd Factory Price - Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd.,Participated in the 16th China International Optoelectronic Expo (cioe2014) in 2014. Led Internet information management platform released and commercial.

HD-A6 is a Multi Media Player 

Output:HDMI OUT and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Loading capacity: 1920*1200 Pixels

Program update method:USB ,RJ45,Wi-Fi,4G (Optional)

Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS

Software: HDPlayer (PC)/Ledart( Android and IOS )




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+86 18007554646


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In the context of many manufacturers demanding increased productivity, this product has been widely adopted in many industries.


1.How much additional service fee does the customer for using the cloud platform?
The Huidu cloud platform is provided to users for free, and no additional service fees will be charged.
2.Which year was Huidu Technology established?
Huidu Technology was established in 2009
3.How many ways for updating programs?
Wi-Fi, U-disk, network cable and Internet


1.Our software is easy to operate and rich in special effects
2.Take the lead in full color control system
3.Participated in the 16th China International Optoelectronic Expo (cioe2014) in 2014. Led Internet information management platform released and commercial.
4.Participated in 2015 Guangzhou smart advertising and led exhibition. Hd-ax series of control system for small space advertising machine is released.

About Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd.

Huidu Technology established in 2009,it is a high-tech enterprise Focusing on LED Display and LCD Digital signage control systems, and a professional manufacturer of LED control system as well. more than 60% of Huidu products are sold abroad: Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, India, Vietnam, United States etc. Easy operation and User friendly software interface as they have more and more customer friends choose Huidu technology, we respect the opinions of every customer and do our best to create maximum value for customers Our company has always specialised in developing the LED&LCD control system of high performance, cost-effective and high-intelligent. We have grasped core technologies in the embedded control, digital graphic information and multimedia aspects, and has applied to our products successfully. All the way from single/dual color to full color and from asynchronization to synchronization, Huidu Technology has possessed the most comprehensive product line and most extensive solutions. As a high-tech enterprise based on technology, taking R&D as subject and talent as source, our company can master  the real-time high technology to create more wonderful products for LED industry.

HD-A6 is a Dual-mode LED display player box from Huidu Technology, the maximum load capacity of A6 is about 2.3 million pixels. The widest support is 3,840 pixels, the highest support is 4,096 pixels.


Equipped with a Wi-Fi module, support mobile app to send program wirelessly. Have an RJ45 network port, it can be connected to LAN, Internet, or computer to update program.


It can also option 4G module, which can realize Internet remote cluster management through Cloud Platform.


With a USB interface, support use U-disk expanding memory and play programs.


With an HDMI high-definition signal input port, the information sources of computers, set-top boxes, and cameras can be displayed on the screen simultaneously.


And it supports simultaneous play synchronous and asynchronous programs.


It also has 4 RJ45 output network ports, which can be cascaded with the receiving card to control the LED display.


It is widely used for shopping mall advertising screens, community information screens, hall screens, airport advertising screens, and other occasions that need to play synchronous and asynchronous.


In addition, A6 also supports an HDMI high-definition signal output interface, which can be used for LCD advertising screens and other occasions.

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