Huidu  Technology HDP series products are general-purpose high-performance LED video processors, support multi-channel video signal input, seamless switching of multi-channel video signals, support multi-layer display at any position, rich output resolution, support one-key black screen and Preset call and other functions. The HDP series video processor presets the universal sending card installation interface, and supports synchronous sending cards of all manufacturers.

LED display control system solution manufacturers | Video Splicing Processor HD-VP8000M Case | Huidu Supplier
Features:1. Excellent image processing capability,2. Detachable Modular Design,3. Support multiple signal format input, support IP decoding card,4. Support PC and Pad visual operation
China Wholesale LED Video  Wall Processor HDP-601 Factory
HDP601 is a powerful single-window video processor,loading capacity 2.65 million pixels,it have multi-signal input, two DVI output, it can be connect to 2 PCS sending card,support U-disk display videos or pictures,Support audio input and output.
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