Full Color LED Screen Display Controller

Huidu Technology full color LED display control system has a complete product system. The asynchronous control system has a storage space of more than 4GB onboard, which can store a large amount of program content. It is widely used in outdoor advertising LED billboards, LED pole screens, car screens, airports/ Station advertising screens, shopping mall advertising poster screen, community information screens, LED banner signages, signboards and other occasions, support Wi-Fi wireless control, Internet remote control, LAN cluster management, U-disk playback and other functions; in addition, it also supports various external sensors Accessories, real-time monitoring of surrounding environmental information.

The synchronous control system supports multi-device splicing and control of ultra-large resolution LED display screens, which is suitable for occasions where real-time playback is required, such as synchronized display screens in hotel banquet halls, airport flight information display, and stage performances.

Do you still carry a computer to update contents of your LED display?
Advantages of Huidu mobile APP LedArt:Support control LED display by mobile APP instead of PC software, it is enough to just carry a mobile phone.Support Huidu all full color and single color LED display wifi controllers including C16C, easy setting and operation.Support all brand mobile phones with Android system or IOS system, you can easily download and install the mobile APP LedArt via mobile APP market or store.
Wholesale LED screen full color  video control card
Features:1. Support video haard decoding, 60Hz output2. Support optional Wi-Fi mode, mobile APP operation3. 4GB memory, expending memory by U-disk4. Support 4G(optional) remote cluster controlThey are Asynchronous controller, best for narrow LED billboard applied in store banner, bus rear window and taxi top, supported video, animation,3D text,neon background, image, GIF, etc. display effects.
Dual-mode LED display player - A4 A5 A6
Dual mode led display player is a 4-in-1 LED sending box, integrated with synchronous display, asynchronous display, U-disk display and video processor. It come with WiFi, support mobile APP management, 8GB momoey, expending memory by U- disy, support HDMI video zoom, no need work with video processor to play full screen synchronously, support HDMI audio input and audio putput, it support optional 4G mode, internet remote cluster control, our dual mode led display player is of reliable quality and trustworthy.
Factory Wholesale led Advertising machine control card  HD-B6
HD-B6, it is an LED control system for remote control and offline HD video playback for small-pitch LED advertising screens. Including asynchronous sending box HD-B6, receiving card R50X and control software HDPlayer three parts.HD-B6 supports multi-card HDMI connected for splicing, which can realize multi-card adaptive splicing, single-card independent control and other modes, a product tailored for advertising machines and mirror screens.The user completes the parameter setting and program editing and transmission of the display through HDPlayer
Huidu Synchronous sending card HD-T901
HD-T901 is a synchronous sending cards, features are as follows:1. Support 1~64 scan, compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module.2. Control range: 1.3 million pixels, the widest 3840 (need video processor), and the highest 2048.3. One DVI video input.4. Supports up to 65536 grayscale level.5. Support cascading with serial port to configure multiple sending cards, support sending card cascade to control screen in high resolution.
Huidu Technology: LED Display Basic Knowledge Tutorial for Beginner
Huidu Technology: LED Display Basic Knowledge Tutorial for Beginner
HDPlayer Video tutorial for P3 indoor LED Module
HDPlayer and HDSet setting up P3 modules parameters,easy to use,Operation tutorial
Best Quality scrolling text picture full led Banner control card
HD-D06 is a full color banner LED screen asynchronous control card, load capacity 65,536 pixels, come with WiFi mode, support mobile APP wireless management, support U-disk update programs.HD-D05 is a full color banner LED screen asynchronous control card, load capacity 40,960 pixels, come with WiFi mode, support mobile APP wireless management, support U-disk update programs.
Do you Know What is The Smart Data Group Exchange?
In the multi-open connection, We often connect wires in the wrong order, causing the dislocation of the LED screen, which is very troublesome to deal with. In this video, I’m going to tell you the easiest way to solve this problem.Features:1. Easy to used2. No need to know the order of flat cable connection
LED Display Multimedia Player HD-A6
HD-A6 is a dual-mode LED display control system, the maximum loading capacity is 2.3 million pixels.Features:1. Equipped with Wi-Fi, support "LedArt" wireless management,2. Support U-disk play directly,3. Support Internet remote update programs.
Did you know receiving card the "Data group exchange" function can be used like this
Features:1. Support data group exchange and data set offset,2. Support for most driver chips,3. Support static to 1/64 scan module,4. Support multiple receiving cards connection and set sequence randomly.
How to Control Door Lintel LED Screen, HD-D16 is Your Best Choice
1. Come with Wi-Fi function, mobile APP wireless control2. Support option 4G, internet remote control3. Expending memory by U-Disk4. The maximum loading capacity is 640*64 pixels
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