Huidu Synchronous All-in-One VP series controllers application case
Huidu Technology 4K  VP series  All-in-One LED  display Synchronous controllers can be applied to various Live Video occasions, such as conference room LED wall, bar LED wall, football game live broadcast LED display.
HD-T902 application project
HD-T902 Synchronous led video wall sending card application projectScreen pixel pitch:P3 IndoorSending card: LED sending cards HD-T902.Receiver: HD-R512S.LED Video processor :HDP-903 Software player: HDShow
Immersive 3D Video application examples with Huidu Technology VP8000 led video wall Splicer
Immersive 3D LED Video  Wall application case with HD-VP8000 LED Video Wall SplicerScreen resolution:4640*3680 pixels  P2 indoor (Point to Point display)Sending card:T902X2Receiver:HD-R516TSoftware:HDShow
Advertising LED screen splicing project
Advertising LED poster splicing project done with Huidu controller HD-B6 Multi-media palyerSingle LED Poster resolution: 256*1024 pixels Cascade method: HDMI cableSending card: B6(each poster with one B6 controller)Receiver: HD-R512S.Software player: HDPlayer
The LED Screen in Shopping mall
Huidu Technology is a professional supplier, they has five product lines:1. Asynchronous full color LED display control system,2. Synchronous control system,3. Video processor,4. Single color LED display control card,5. LED Android motherboard.
HD-VP1220 application case
HD-VP1220 4K ALL-IN-ONE  Synchronous led wall processor controller case Screen pixel pitch:P2.5 IndoorSender:HD-VP1220 (Integrated sending cards and processor)Receiver: HD-R512T.Software player: HDShow
Ultra Long Full-color LED Display Control System
Features:1. Support mobile APP wireless control,2. Ultra width control, the widest support of 16,384 pixels,3. Support Internet remote control.
KTV LED Screen Controller with good price - Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,Ltd.
1. Loading capacity is 1.3 to 10.4 million pixels,2. Standard wi-fi function, support mobile APP wireless control,3. Support multi-channel signal input, synchronous playback.
KTV Reception Desk LED Screen Case
1. Support 4K video signal input 2. Dual windows display3. 12 lines RJ45 network output4. The maximum loading capacity is 7.8 million pixels
P3.75 Single Color LED Screen
HD-W66 is a single color Wi-Fi control card, it can use mobile APP wireless control, it supports Various display effects and it support 20 program areas.
Hotel LED Screen
1. Synchronized display playback,2. Multi-signal input, switch at will,3. Support U-disk display,
Asynchronous LED Controller A3 used for Ring LED Display
The feature of HD-A31. Comes with Wi-Fi, support mobile APP control, 2. Has 8GB memory, and can use U-disk expanding,3. Support Internet remote control.
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